Great Game Tour Day 10: Offworld Trading Company

So, so many untouched games sitting in my backlog that I’ve been hoovering up for years now. Let me tell you, it’s a really good feeling to get to some of them and push myself to see what they’ve got. Not always, but sometimes, you end up with a title like Offworld Trading Company that you heard was good but needed to see for yourself to find that it meets that reputation.

I love RTS-style games where you set up supply chains and get the satisfaction of seeing a well-designed facility operate without micromanaging, and that’s exactly what OTC is all about. It puts you in charge of building up an economic base on Mars that can be more profitable than all of the bases around it using whatever means you see fit. So instead of focusing on combat (which is the typical RTS route), Offworld Trading Company is all about cutthroat corporations making profits, manipulating the stock market, and dealing with the black market to get things done.

There’s a great charm to this game that surprised me, especially while going through all of the tutorials. I kept getting laughs out of the robots and the way they addressed me, and I liked how easy to understand and set up this place was. It’s just deeply satisfying to get all of those base elements working in concert to produce better elements or pay down debt.

This is definitely a game I’m going to be keeping on my desktop for further investigation, although I’m sure that I’d lose hard to any actual human competition.

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