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Great Game Tour Day 11: Space Pioneer

This may be the first time on my list that my kids played well before I ever did. I download a lot of mobile games on my iPad to try at later (perhaps never) moments, and one of these was a highly recommended title called Space Pioneer.

My oldest two children stumbled upon this one day when they were messing about on my tablet and told me that they got hooked — and that I totally should play it. So I made time to do so, and I have to say, I can see what they’re raving about.

Space Pioneer is sort of a frantic Smash TV-style shooter that incorporates some light RPG and base building elements. Basically, every stage is a short mission to the surface of an alien world where certain objectives must be met before an extraction can take place. The player gets a couple of weapons, abilities, and turrets to use to survive the various situations, which can involve run-and-gunning, stationary defense, puzzle-solving, and the like.

It’s certainly nothing deep, but it is satisfying if you want a light dose of carnage and action without any blood or gore. I liked the colorful graphics and easy-to-use UI, for sure. And the whole game is set up to encourage repetition as you grind out items to increase your abilities or different weapon types.

So yeah, this one gets a stay of execution. Sometimes I need to be able to shut my brain off and pew-pew little alien fuzzies to death.

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