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Great Game Tour Day 13: Path of Adventure

As I write this a week ago from when you’ll read it, I have just gotten my second vaccination shot and spent the better part of the day wrestling with nasty side effects. Since I wasn’t up to sitting at the computer, I booted up another dormant app to do a quick peek and hopefully produce a post that wasn’t riddled with nonsensical rantings.

You know, more than usual.

So today’s Great Game Tour is Path of Adventure, which has been described as a rogue-like text RPG. It’s very similar to all of those awesome role-playing choose your own adventure books of my youth, so the learning curve was pretty low.

The idea is to make it through a series of 50 adventures of all kinds and then, presumably, kill a big giant at the Castle of Doom at the end. I never made it to the end, but to be fair, at some point I was drooling and having a shouting match with my belly button lint. It was that kind of day.

It’s a fine game. Nothing amazing — I think there are better rogue-likes and much better gamebooks for mobile, but this was a pleasant way to spend a half-hour in between shaking fits. I do wish that the writing had more personality and flavor to it; it was very generic RPG with only the barest hint of the absurd from time to time.

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