LOTRO: Cap’n crushing it

Facing the prospects of high-level hijinks in Lord of the Rings Online, I found myself fleeing to the lower levels instead. It felt like a good time to invest some love and care into a lowbie — perhaps even a newbie. After flirting with a Hunter for a while, I weirdly ended up coming back to a very old love of mine in this game: the Captain.

The Cappy used to be my go-to main class in the game, but it’s been so very long since I seriously played one that I had almost totally forgotten what the class was like. Within an hour of guiding my new Captain through the tutorial, so many long-forgotten memories flooded back. I remembered how much I liked the tankiness, the unique hybrid style, the pet, and the self-heals. It’s just a  class that can pretty much do anything, other than fast ranged DPS.

To add as much newness to this situation, I did roll her on a server that lacked any other characters of mine (Brandywine). So I have no backups here, no alts to feed her gold or cosmetics. She’s just going to make her way, make some new friends, and putz about doing deeds.

I also have been taking some time to do a round of anniversary quests every day, since there are some really nice cosmetics, pets, and housing items that I want to snag before it’s over. I did finish a couple of scavenger hunts, but the rest require a much higher level character, so I guess I’ll do them next year if at all. They’re still a lot of fun!

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