Burning Crusade Classic barrels right at us

After an accidental “oopsie” reveal of the news, Blizzard officially announced last week that Burning Crusade Classic is coming out on June 1, with the pre-patch launching on May 18. So that’s all soon. Really soon. What’s my take on it?

Probably like a lot of WoW Classic fans, I’m a little split on the news. I mean, I would be totally happy and content if Burning Crusade launched tomorrow. I’m ready for it. My Warlock is level 57, so I’m pretty much there, and I don’t see a need to keep pushing it off. Testing seems like it went OK, which it should considering that this is an old expansion.

But I’m a little less than pleased with the timing here. First of all, there’s just not enough time for the pre-patch period to settle in. A lot of people were looking forward to this, not just for leveling up new characters but to explore talent builds, catching up on some last-minute to dos, and so on. Two weeks? Two weeks is absolutely not enough time to bring a new Blood Elf or Draenei up to 58, unless you want to no life it or dump truckloads of gold on boosts.

Personally, it’s even worse, as I’m going to go on vacation one of those two weeks. So my plans to work on a Draenei Shaman are pretty much shot, at least in regard to getting her ready for the Burning Crusade launch. I guess I’m looking at mid-summer by the time she’s ready for Outland, even with the new leveling scheme.

And the June 1st date is just petty on the part of Blizzard, as that’s also Elder Scrolls Online’s expansion release date. Blizzard always loves to do this, and it always comes across as so childish. Fans of both games — such as myself — are going to be pulled in two different directions on the same day. That’s not a fun experience.

I guess it’s OK. I don’t really care about paying for cloning or a character boost or the deluxe edition. It’s a chunk of money that would be better put to use elsewhere. I’ll be glad to have the full summer to dive into Outland, provided that it actually allows all of us into it.

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