ESO: Dead bugs and crabs

When you’re heading to a particular destination in ESO that’s far enough away from a wayshrine, you’re gonna want to make that trip count so that you won’t have to come back later. So as I’m heading to an awkwardly placed quest marker behind a mountain, I made sure to detour and take out this world boss crab. No amazing rewards, but I did get a nominal shield upgrade. Plus, my new shield, she be spiky.

After that, I grabbed a dagger off a dead hunter for “The Fate of a Friend” and rode my bear halfway across the zone to turn it in. I think I snagged four additional wayshrines along the way, which definitely will help later on.

I doubled back to Devon’s Watch to work on some quests there, starting with “Through the Aftermath.” I love it when a quest actually gives me a choice, because sometimes these have consequences and narrative shifts depending on what you pick. In this case, I got to choose between enslaving ghosts to use as guards or setting them free. I’m a good guy; I set them free. Hope that was the right call. I followed this up with “Enslaved in Death” to help out a few more ghosts. I’m very popular in the afterlife!

Now if any quest *should* have choice involved, it’s “Giving for the Greater Good,” as it involves dishing out poisonous mushrooms to three NPCs who eat them and die to — somehow — transform their bodies into life-giving fertilizer for the land. I have to say, this quest does not work narratively. The sacrifice isn’t explained, the player has no choice (other than abandoning the quest) to avoid assisting three suicides, and the devs don’t even transform the landscape afterward to reflect the results of this so-called heroic sacrifice.

It’s a weird quest.

After that, I tackled a zone boss nearby, some big insect swarm dude. Happily, there was a mess of players on hand to handle it, so we wiped the floor with it in under a minute. No great loot, but I’m always glad to tick off another spot on the map.

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