Arcane Waters hits so many of my buttons it’s scary

We cover a lot of new MMOs (or new to us) over on Massively OP. I usually like doing those posts, because I’m always interested in any fresh title or concept that might be lurking out there. You never know when a sleeper hit or a promising potential might pop up!

One game that really caught my attention lately — caught it hard, I need to emphasize — was a little title called Arcane Waters. It first appeared back in 2018, did a bit of splashing around with publicity, and then went dark for a couple years after that. Now it’s back with a new gameplay trailer and is talking about a summer beta.

Arcane Waters is an MMO from a very small studio that obviously has a great love for pixel art and SNES-style worlds. Hey, so do I! That got my interest right there, but I stuck around to clock that it has a few other things that I appreciate, such as colorful graphics, farming, housing, a cute interface, and what seems to be an approachable design. And it tops that with the tried-and-true pirate theme, which can’t hurt.

It’s notable that its land combat is turn-based, although it looks as though naval combat takes place in real time. I think the turn-based combat really plays into the nostalgia theming, bringing back to mind JRPGs of the past.

I don’t want to put too much stock and hope into this — after all, it’s still from a small and unproven studio that’s gone really quiet once. But I’m hopeful, because this is exactly the kind of MMO that I’d love to play. Or so I think.

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