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WoW Classic: Back to engineering school

You may or may not recall — or care — that my WoW Classic Warlock was initially created to be an engineer. At that time, I hadn’t done engineering seriously since the original vanilla client, so I thought it’d play in well with WoW Classic’s format. I actually did level engineering up to the lower 200s as I leveled up, but along the way I made the decision to ditch it and pick up skinning in the hopes of making more money.

While I have generated a comfortable nest egg — almost 1600 gold — it’s not really from skinning. It’s way too easy to be a skinner, so leather is over-supplied and the prices aren’t great. Mostly I made money from selling random drops and a few really good random drops.

But now with Burning Crusade chugging down the tracks at us, I’ve been giving a lot more thought to professions, as that scene is changing up with the expansion. I’ve already decided that I’m going to try leatherworking (for the first time) on my Shaman, but I hated the thought of not having engineering somewhere.

So the other day I dropped my 300 skinning skill and started all over again with engineering on my Lock. I knew it was going to require some grinding, but it turns out that you have a huge leg up on that if you’re a high level. I quickly farmed enough ore from low- and mid-tier zones to shoot up through engineering levels, getting to 260 skill within two days. That felt personally significant.

Of course, those last 40 or so points are going to be an absolute bear, as they require thorium. And thorium is not in high supply, nor is it easy to farm with every level 60 out there dashing to whatever node pops up. I was glaring daggers at an Orc rogue the other day who stealthed by two mobs that I had to fight to get to a node first.

I do have a cave that I’m grinding out the last level or so for my Warlock, and there are occasional nodes that pop up in there, so I’m seeing what I can farm along the way. I could blow some money on the auction house, but I’d hate to do that — I’d rather be spending that gold on epic mounts.

But if I can get up to 300, then Outland engineering opens up before me with its awesome flying mount, purple headgear, and other fun toys. It’s a good goal to pursue.

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