WoW Classic: Teleporting with impunity

As I’m writing this, it’s the Friday before the pre-patch, so in effect, I’ve parked my butt while waiting for all of the changes to go into effect. While my Warlock hasn’t gotten to 60 yet, I’m level 58 (and a half!), so that’s more than enough for her to go into Outland.

Even better on the preparation front, I switched her back over to Engineering and powered her up to 300 over the space of three intense days of farming and crafting. The only hard part was getting enough thorium, as it’s over-mined by bored level 60s. So I did have to spend about 50 gold or so on the auction house for what I needed.

But other than a pair of goggles, I haven’t really crafted much in the way of devices and gadgets to take with me. I took a look over the list and decided that the one thing (other than a mechanical squirrel) that I wanted for Burning Crusade was the teleport to Gadgetzan. Having what’s in effect a second hearthstone will be invaluable, especially since it’ll let me jump between the worlds.

But yeah, pre-patch is what I’m living for! I can’t wait to get my felguard on my Lock and start up my Shaman. I’ve been lucking out with several dropped 16-slot traveler backpacks lately, so I have bag space ready for that Draenei. And I’m going to split my 1500 gold reserve in half, giving each of my two characters enough for an epic mount.

My main hope is that the champing-at-the-bit day one crowd will rush ahead and leave me in relative peace to level up without having to compete against a mob. It’s going to be messy, but at least I won’t feel pressured to make fast progress thanks to already having a character at the top.

One thought on “WoW Classic: Teleporting with impunity

  1. Per Hagman May 19, 2021 / 8:32 am

    I really like to read your adventures in coming burning crusades. Keep them coming

    But a question that is coming up in my mind is: is it not sad that the most intersting thins in 2021 for MMO is more or less a release of almost 15 year old content. Where is all the new MMO´s? Not even the latest wow content, shadowlands, is as intersting. What do you think about that?

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