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What your MMO character’s hair color says about you

When it comes time to create a new character, it’s inevitable that a choice of hair color is part of that experience. But what does your MMO hair color say about you? For the judgey among us, here is an easy-to-access chart:

  • Black: Obviously, you’re evil incarnate and your hair matches the tar-black soul you harbor. Also, black goes with everything.
  • Blonde: Do people pick blonde? I always thought this was a myth…
  • Light Brown: You’re spunky and adventurous, ready for good-looking kills with a chipper quip afterward.
  • Dark Brown: Your character is the fourth kid of seven, denied admittance to a good school and sent off “adventuring” to free up a spot at the family table.
  • White: You’re not old, oh no, just a very young and desirable hero who wants to make a strong impression of future potential.
  • Grey: OK, now you’re old and you’ve just broadcast that to the entire virtual world. But at least you can get into taverns for discounted dinners at 4:00 p.m.
  • Blue: You’re going through a phase. You’d rather not be asked about it.
  • Pink: You’re channeling the Spirit of the Girly-Girl, full of power and cheeky whimsy.
  • Red: You’re a guy making a girl character that you wish would meet you and fall in love with you in real life. Good luck with that.
  • Purple: You fell head-first into a grape press and decided to lean into that look.
  • Bald: You’re amazing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

5 thoughts on “What your MMO character’s hair color says about you

  1. But but… what about green mohawks?

    You’re going through a phase… and you’d rather be asked about it? Wannabe Joker in the making?

  2. Black: You’re a rogue and it goes with your “I am the night” image. Plus it’s hard to see in the dark.

    Grey: You’re not just old. You’re an adventure who’s been cheating death for decades. You should be feared.

  3. You’re totally on point with red. And it’s never auburn or strawberry blond, but full-on, not-of-nature fire engine RED. Why the heck is that?? LOL.

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