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Syp’s gaming goals for June 2021

May 2021 in review

  • Like most months, this one didn’t exactly play out to plan, but like most months, that’s totally fine. It was a busy month with a lot of projects and a week of vacation, so I wasn’t expecting to be all over the field.
  • When the pre-patch for WoW Classic’s Burning Crusade hit in the middle of May, I was pretty much 100% concentrated on leveling up a brand-new Draenei Shammy. There was no way I’d be able to get her to 58 by today, but I made some good progress. I also worked on getting her Stormwind reputation up so I could use horses instead of elekk for a mount.
  • I kind of abandoned LOTRO (bad me) but spent a few sessions starting to work my way through Dungeons and Dragons Online’s Fables of the Feywild expansion. That was pretty fun, although I certainly didn’t get anywhere close to being done with it.
  • The only other experience of note was wrapping up Curse of Monkey Island for retro gaming!

June 2021’s gaming goals

  • I’m not even going to kid myself: It’s going to be a month dominated by The Burning Crusade. Which is fine — I’m pumped about it and roaring to go in this next phase of Classic. I’m going to alternate days between my Warlock and Shammy. I want to get my Shaman to Outland, and I would love to see some good progress on my Warlock in both leveling and her Outland engineering.
  • My Lord of the Rings Online to-dos are piling up, especially as Update 30 arrives. I would like to get War of the Three Peaks questing done. We’ll see how that goes.
  • There’s the new Elder Scrolls Online expansion, of course, but I’ve got a ways to go before I run out of content to need to buy that. It might be a nice treat for later in the year.
  • I have downloaded a bunch of mobile MMOs to try out for an article, so that’s on my radar.
  • And I’m starting a playthrough series on West of Loathing, which I’m excited to go through again!

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