Counting down to New World’s release

While I’m looking at a few months spent at Outland Summer Camp for Brave Kids, I’m sure that by the end of summer, I’ll be ready for a change of pace. That’s why it’ll be the perfect time for Amazon to release its much-delayed New World.

If I had to put my current hype level for New World on a meter, it’d be a… six? Six sounds about right. I’m excited, but in a “it’ll be nice when it comes” kind of way rather than “I MUST HAVE THIS NOW AND WILL GO ON A FISH-SLAPPING RAMPAGE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN” spree.

Part of those tempered expectations are the fact that Amazon’s yet to release any online game that it’s kept running. Plus, while I generally like the setting and theming, the whole package looks like a generic if well-rounded MMORPG. I don’t see a whole lot here that’s standing out in an innovative or exciting way.

So I expect that it’ll be a good time when it arrives, and if the actual experience exceeds those expectations, then all the better. I keep getting a bit of a Secret World vibe from the screenshots and my time in the demo, which definitely doesn’t hurt.

If Amazon does have a solid product here, it has a great opportunity to strike it big for MMO players starving for big-budget, high-profile releases. It’s not as if it’s going to be fighting off other new competitors, and that end-of-summer launch window is a historically great time for MMO releases.

As long as I get to shoot ghosts in the face with a Revolutionary War-era musket, a good part of me is going to be satisfied. And if I get to move into a cabin and put my feet on top of a bear rug in front of a roaring fireplace. I may or may not be talking about a video game at this point.

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