WoW Classic: High and low times as a leveling Shaman

Check out Syp getting knocked flat on my back from an ogre attack! That’s heroism, right there!

As my entire guild raced toward level 70 and did all of their Karazhan attunement, I spent pretty much all last week laser-focused on bringing my Draenei Shaman up through the old world. Originally I really was going to alternate days between my Shaman and Warlock, but man, I want that Shammy in Outland something bad.

And you know how it is when you have a tantalizing goal right in front of you — it makes you want to push on toward it. I had a lot of these goals pop up last week. The first was hitting level 40, which would give me access to mail armor and dual-wielding. Now my Shaman is attacking like a tornado, and it’s a whole lot more fun to wade into a fight and smack people around.

The only drawback is how fast I chew through mana and how slow it is to rebound. It’s forced me to be very stingy with using skills, so now I’ll usually only use lightning shield and flame shock at the start and then auto-attack my way forward so that I can regen mana a bit. Gift of the Naaru heal is a great help, too, as it’s a heal that doesn’t require any mana whatsoever.

Another major milestone was finally hitting exalted with Stormwind! I wasn’t going to buy an elekk mount, no sirree, so I tracked down as many Stormwind rep quests as I could. By level 42, I hit that goal and was able to buy a horsie for my Draenei. I know it’s a cosmetic thing, but it’s important to me, especially if I was going to have to watch myself ride something for all of the levels until I get flying.

The next major goal is, of course, getting to level 58 and jumping into Outland. I’m pushing myself to ding at least one level a day while doing as much skinning and leatherworking on the side as possible. Hopefully by next week I’ll be there and put Azeroth behind me once and for all.

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