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FFXIV: Interest… revived

I don’t exactly when FFXIV — or the idea of playing it — started worming its way back into my head, but I guess it might be one of those things where the time is ripe. Looking back at my records, I haven’t played this MMO since December 2019, which means that I haven’t touched it since COVID was a thing. That’s weird to think about.

But watching a few videos last night from FFXIV enthusiasts evangelizing the game helped tip me over the “eh why not?” crest and into subscribing for a month and starting up a new character on the Jenova world. This time around I’m going to start with an Archer, mostly because I don’t want to fall into the well of Scholar that I usually do, and the Bard job is appealing for this first stretch of gameplay. I thought briefly about the White Mage, but those outfits are… not for me.

It was a blast of nice, refreshing nostalgia to boot into this world and hear the Gridania theme playing. Always my favorite zone, elves aside.


Perhaps it’s beyond silly to start over — I have at least two higher level characters who were left in the expansions — but this is kind of what I do when I come back to games. Get to know the game, get to know and bond with the character. Plus, I’m curious how the story streamlining plays out, now that there aren’t a million quests in the main storyline.

The first night was promising. Yes, there was the nostalgia and all that, but it was also pretty easy to get the UI set up just right and settle back into the game. My main priority wasn’t so much doing the MSQ or class quests — although I did some of those — but to get plugged into the community. I got invited into the novice network and chatted a bit with some folks until I found a free company that I feel might be a good fit. Everyone there, as expected, was chatty and extremely friendly.

I guess what I’m looking for, as with WoW Classic, is an MMO experience where I’m not rushing or feeling pressured to get anywhere quickly. I want an experience that’s laid-back, comfortable, and full of potential. There’s always the chance that this might stick longer or better than it did last time(s). Of course, it might not. But as always, I’ll get some blog posts out of it and some fun nights, so it’s not a loss either way.

2 thoughts on “FFXIV: Interest… revived

  1. I haven’t touched FF14 in a long time. My scholar got to 30 before I was too frustrated to continue playing. Now that the trial exists I think I might just start over ‘for free’ despite owning the game so I don’t feel obligated to play. I really don’t know how to approach FF14 anymore. This would be my 3rd character despite the allure of only needing one.

  2. They’ve done a streamline of the ARR MSQ quests since you last played, I believe, so that should be helpful. I don’t think they got rid of all the redundant fetch quests, but they did cut whatever they thought wasn’t absolutely needed for lore and story purposes. Hope you enjoy your time and am looking forward to seeing your thoughts on FFXIV again!

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