LOTRO and I are taking a break — but for how long?

Following up on the topic of gaming backlogs and guilt is the subject of MMORPGs that you used to play and will probably play again. It’s unfortunate that due to the design of these games you can’t just “pause” the community and development from going forward in your absence, and so the longer you’re away, the more you’re aware that you’re missing out on relationships, events, and progression.

That’s fine to a point, but if you’re away for TOO long, interest in returning might snap entirely because you’ll think, “Eh, it’ll be too hard to catch up and I’m so out of the loop at this point.” Not a true statement at its core, but it’s how we think.

This is all to say that I’ve had a bookmark in LOTRO for months now. I tooled around with some side projects earlier this year, but I’ve been needing a break from Middle-earth. My interest meter has been pretty low and there’s only so many different things you can do to make stuff exciting when that’s the case. It’s not you, it’s me, but I need a break.

But I can’t put all of this on pause, which is problematic considering how busy a year that it’s shaping up to be in LOTRO. I’m keenly aware that I’m already two patches behind — and there’s an expansion heading this way in the fall. The responsible, I-write-about-this-for-Massively-OP part of my brain sternly tells me that it’s my sacred duty (it really isn’t) to catch up and stay at the edge of the content cliff until new lands are built.

On top of that, there are a couple of new progression servers — no thanks, did that already — and the new Brawler class calling out for re-rolling, not to mention my own side project Captain and Minstrel characters.

Be that as it may, I simply need to step away and recharge. LOTRO is always a game that I’m excited to come back to when I’m ready for it, but I also know I can’t rush that feeling. So maybe it’ll be this fall. Maybe later.

One thought on “LOTRO and I are taking a break — but for how long?

  1. Play DDO instead! Some of the best quests in the Feywild expansion are further into the story. A number of classic fairy tale tropes (Sleeping Beauty, The Singing Sword, etc.) make an appearance later on in the quest chain or in the wilderness area.

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