Syp’s gaming goals for July 2021

June 2021 in review

  • This is not going to be the year of an adventurous Syp, I can tell already. It’s going to be the year of a Syp who finds a very comfortable lane and sticks to it as long as it remains comfortable. So I’m not coming to you with a monthly report about all of the many MMOs and games I played, because there wasn’t much variety, nor even as much gaming time due to a vacation and other factors.
  • As I anticipated, June became all about Burning Crusade Classic as I split my attention between my old world Shaman and my Outland-bound Warlock. I got my Draenei up into the 50s and enjoyed her combat toolkit while lamenting her slow leveling pace, and only managed to get a few levels in on my Warlock as she finished off Hellfire.
  • The big personal surprise was a return to Final Fantasy XIV toward the end of the month. I wasn’t really thinking of it too much before it just popped into my head as a good idea for a summer project. And so I created a Lalafel Scholar on a new server and took to checking out the streamlined 2.0 leveling experience.

July’s gaming goals

  • My main goal in WoW Classic is get my Shaman to level 58 and push her into Outland. These last few levels are an absolute bear! I also need to get her Leatherworking up to 300 (she’s 268 as of this writing).
  • For FFXIV, I am shooting to get through the 2.0 MSQ at a minimum, and all of the 2.X series if I can manage it. I think I can, as this already feels much quicker than before. It definitely would be terrific if I could be getting into Heavensward by August.
  • LOTRO and ESO remain on the backburner, ready to come out to play at a moment’s notice should the inspiration strike me.
  • My daughter’s also bugging me big-time to buy Sims 4’s Cottage Living expansion, which comes out this month. But $40 is a big ask, so I don’t know…

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