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FFXIV: The Lalafell life

While restarting in an MMORPG that you’re coming back to after a long absence has its detractors (namely, having to re-do a whole bunch of old content), I think that the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. For a game like FFXIV, it very much helps me re-learn all of these systems and maybe pick up on a few tricks I missed the previous time around.

It’s also letting me experiment a lot with the type of character I want Yeti Yesterday to be, even as I adventure through the main story quest and level her. Initially, I spent a few levels doing the Archer thing, but that wasn’t hitting the right spot for me. I swapped over to Conjurer for a while with dreams of being a White Mage, but… that didn’t have the angle I liked.

So I gravitated right back into a budding Scholar, because I love me some pets and some healing and some utility. It’s a safe harbor at which to dock, I’ll grant you that, but it’s a good pick for a class to spend a whole lot of time questing and leveling before I branch out into other jobs.

Probably the hardest thing at the start is the slow-as-syrup combat. It is so dull that you have to look for anything to keep it interesting. For me, it’s checking out enemy animations, like this weird puppet slime here.

FFXIV has great night skies. Reminds me a lot of LOTRO in this respect. It’s always weird to log in and adventure at night here, for some reason. I feel like I should be sleeping somewhere and that I might wake the neighbors with my noise.

While I genuinely did like my Hyur look — which was kind of a cross between a smouldering Charisma Carpenter and Blade Runner’s Pris — it didn’t really feel like me. The more I played over that initial week, the more I felt that great calling of using a veteran reward phantasia and claiming my destiny as a Lalafell.

So here she is, Yeti Yesterday 2.0, and I love her so much. Always been a fan of small races in games, and I think I kept her from crossing over that line of being TOO twee, if you understand. She’s cute, she’s capable, and she’s going to kick a whole lot of shins along her way.

2 thoughts on “FFXIV: The Lalafell life

  1. There’s a reason that the female Hyur Highlanders are nicknamed “Hotlanders.” 😉

    I completely agree about the archer. I was sooooo bored playing it until the late 20’s.

    But yeah, combat’s slow until you start getting your oGCD abilities to weave in, and even then you don’t use them all the time, so…. I’m used to it now, but even so I often feel like I’m standing around waiting for the GCD. Until a bunch of mechanics go off at once…..

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