WoW Classic: Zangardreams

If there’s one positive thing to say about Hellfire Peninsula — other than its improved questing and questing rewards — it’s that as fugly as the zone is, it has the most breathtaking skybox of all of Burning Crusade’s zones. I always get a chill out of looking up and seeing those planets and swirling space strings.

And with a couple of annoying group quests done without the benefit of a group finder (me in guild chat: “Pleeeeeeease help me plz plz plz”), I was finally done with Hellfire. Having putzed around in here for a good long while along with a few dungeon runs, I was 63 when I left.

I don’t know if Zangarmash is my favorite BC zone, but it’s definitely one of my most favorite MMO “swamp” regions. This is thanks to the mysteriously inviting blue hues and the unusual choice of going with giant mushrooms in place of trees. It’s certainly easy on the eyes!

And of course I’m going to kill every one of these little buggers for the vain hope of that little firefly pet. That never happened for me back when I farmed hard for one in the original Burning Crusade, and while I’m not going to put myself through that again, I will snag all I see as I quest with the offhand chance of getting one.

But as much as I loved being in Zangermarsh (and Burning Crusade in general), I knew I wasn’t playing the class I wanted to be — which was my poor, underleveled Shaman. After stocking up several days’ rested XP, I got back to leveling her in earnest, trying to bridge that gap between 52 and 58. Some long grinding sessions are ahead of me, as well as some desperate searches for quests I can actually do.

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