The Curse of Monkey Island: Cheese for the cheese god

(This is part of my journey going playing through 1997’s The Curse of Monkey Island. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

Blood Island shenanigans continue as Guybrush “returns from the dead” and fails to astonish anyone. Ahem. Tough crowd.

He heads off toward the volcano, where he meets a suspiciously familiar group of cannibals. In fact, it’s the cannibal tribe from the first game which has now relocated here. Lemonhead here tells Guybrush that not only have they all gone vegetarian, but the volcano god itself can’t abide flesh or cheese of any kind. Just veggies.

So Guybrush — in a tofu mask disguise — tosses in a huge hunk of nacho cheese to make the volcano erupt. This is all part of a plan to get lotion, by the way: By erupting the volcano, the lava now heats up a cooking pot at the hotel, which Guybrush can use to melt more cheese, which he can give to the pirates to patch up their ship and be rewarded with creamy, sweet-smelling lotion.

Ah, adventure games. Never change.

Back at the hotel, Guybrush gets his fortune read… and the tarot cards spit out five DEATH cards in a row. This kind of freaks the fortune teller out, rightfully so.

Guess this is some of that trendy death! Welcome to Hotel California, you can check in but you can never leave…

More death! Another day, another crypt — and in this one, our good friend Murray drops in for a bit of spontaneous terror!

By “dying,” Guybrush is able to buy a life insurance policy and then cashing in on it using his own death certificate. Stan isn’t that pleased, but at least he coughs up a pile of gold. I’m rich!

I cannot imagine that Elaine is that pleased with this situation. Guybrush is going to get the punching of his life when she stops being a solid gold statue.

It’s time to get off of Blood Island and head over to (gulp) Skull Island! For that, Guybrush puts his puzzle-solving abilities to work to make a compass for the Lost Welshman here. That effort earns him ferry passage between the islands. Neat!

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