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Two months of grinding in WoW Classic

Looking back, my original assumption that it would take me about a month to level up my Draenei Shaman from 1 to 58 was a little misplaced. Even with the faster leveling curve, it took nearly twice that long with my schedule before I dinged 58 on July 8th.

Easily, the most difficult portion was the 50s, where quests thinned out and grinding took just about forever. And how do you make a blog post about that? There’s no story about running patterns while you listen to audio books and watch movies. Sure, there were interesting encounters from time to time, including an Orc Hunter who kept assisting me so that he could skin my kills or a bad-tempered Blood Elf (of COURSE it was an elf) who kept spitting on me because he was upset I was in his backyard or something.

But I did it. I persevered and had a small celebration when that level-up animation arrived. Now I could jettison the old world and get to some Outland levelin’! Only 38 days after everyone else! Hey, at least I won’t be competing for quest mobs.

I genuinely don’t mind being late to the party — I just wanted to be there. Burning Crusade’s got to last for a long time, and considering that much of my guild is already stuck in the raid loop, I am in no rush to get it all done and then twiddle my thumbs for a year-and-a-half.

My next threshold is level 60, where I’m going to treat myself to my first epic mount in this game. Flying? Eh, I heard it was a thing. We’ll get to that sooner or later.

Well done, Shammy. You’re going to be a star.

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