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FFXIV: Picking up where I left off in Heavensward

After a couple of weeks in FFXIV, I settled on two things in my mind: That I was interested in playing this for a good while to come, and that I have no patience to go through A Realm Reborn’s storyline for a third time. It’s so painfully dull in parts, and knowing what’s to come robs me of that engagement level.

So instead, I turned to my most traveled character, the one that I left back in 2019 after finishing the 3.0 storyline. At least with her, I reckoned, everything would be brand-new to me going forward. (As an aside, I really think I need to get away from this tendency to keep starting over in MMOs and simply continue on with characters that I’ve invested a whole lot of effort and time in progressing.)

But this move didn’t come without a lot of work, since it’s been a year and a half since I last played her. For starters, I had completely forgotten much of the story, so I found a summary of Heavensward (which was surprisingly long) and refreshed my memory. Then I had to clean out inventory, get used to a Mechanist rotation, find a free company, do some class quests, get better gear, and level her from 50 to 60 so that she could start doing the MSQ again. Oh, and I popped a Fantasia to make her a Lalafell too, because I wasn’t going to give that up.

In short, it was a few days of hectic work, but it all got sorted out and I started to make progress forward.

I think it took about a week, start to finish, to go from level 52 to 60 by plugging daily MSQ roulettes and dungeon roulettes (for tomes). It was time well spent, too, because I was able to deck her out in really good level 60 gear, refresh on the Mechanist class, and even make some headway on my first beast tribe, the Vanu Vanu.

I’ve never done a beast tribe before (not fully, at least), and I like that the total start-to-finish run of these is something like two weeks of simple dailies. That’s not bad at all. It seems like something I can easily weave into my normal activities and get some extra goodies.

So now I’m locked, loaded, and set to head back into Heavensward — even though I bought Shadowbringers in a fit of hopeful hopeism.

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