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Battle Bards Episode 197: A royal affair

Episode 217: Legend of Edda Battle Bards

Chances are you've never heard of today's featured MMO — or its quirky little soundtrack! So why not come along with Syp and Syl to explore Legend of Edda, a now-defunct RPG set in a realm of Greek Mythology? Episode 217 show notes Intro (feat. “Ballack's Castle” and “Cybele Garden”) “Title Theme" "Frigid Valley" "Gaiyan Town" "Wailing Wall" "Kobalos Mines" "Silver Lake" Which one did we like best? Jukebox Picks: “Millick Meadows (Night)” from Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and “Drug Store” from EarthBound Outro (feat. “Boreas Temple”) Talk to the Battle Bards on Twitter! Follow Battle Bards on iTunes, Stitcher, Player.FM, Google Play, iHeartRadio, and Pocket Casts! This podcast is produced using copyrighted material according to Fair Use practices as stated under Section 107 of the 1976 Copyright Act.
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  3. Battle Bards Episode 215: Lineage W
  4. Episode 214: Thieves and rogues
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Bow to your king and queens of MMO music royalty, for the Battle Bards have donned the crown, taking up the majestic scepter, and issued a proclamation that all sorts of royal music must be heard through the land! 

Episode 197 show notes (show pagedirect download)

  • Intro (feat. “Behold Tarantia!” from Age of Conan, “The Royal Bodyguard” from Blade and Soul, and “Illusion Castle Radiant Hall” from Cabal Online)
  • “To Wear the Crown” from Monarch

  • “Krakunta” from Lime Odyssey

  • “Royal District” from Project Copernium

  • “The Castle of Luteran” from Lost Ark

  • “The Grand Duchy of Jeuno” from Final Fantasy XI

  • “Royale” from RuneScape

  • “Ode to the Queen” from Elder Scrolls Online

  • Which one did we like best?
  • Listener notes from George Wilson and Katriana
  • Jukebox picks: “Letting You Go” from The Sims 4, “Stereo Madness” from Geometry Dash, and “Windward” from Bravely Default
  • Outro (feat. “Royal City” from MapleStory 2)


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