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The Curse of Monkey Island: Duck Island

(This is part of my journey going playing through 1997’s The Curse of Monkey Island. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

The Welshman rows Guybrush out to Skull Island, which, as it turns out, looks more like a giant duck. Or a bunny, if you squint and turn your head to the side. In any case, not quite as scary and imposing.

Guybrush stumbles upon a smuggler’s cave that’s certainly filled with enough treasure to foot any bill — but he needs that special diamond to fit into Elaine’s engagement ring!

After a rousing game of poker — in which Guybrush uses his five death tarot cards to win — a fight breaks out and the diamond is secured. Thanks, cutscene!

LeChuck, enjoying a value meal, reminds us that he’s still nominally in this game and still hunting for Elaine. Welp. Good to know.

Guybrush catapults the skeleton from the hotel into the crypt — as one does — and it comes back to life, proposing to his long-patient bride. The two share the creepiest kiss in the world and then vanish, leaving behind one (1) engagement ring.

Guybrush uses his hard-earned lotion to get the cursed ring off of Elaine and then replaces it with his hard-earned engagement ring. Poof! She’s back! And she finishes that massive punch that she started back at the beginning of the game. Well, it’s OK, because now the lovers are reunited and nothing will…


…will separate them? Well, LeChuck’s back, and he’s taken them to his Carnival of Death to marry Elaine. At least he can’t kill Guybrush or risk ruining the reputation of a LucasArts adventure game!

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