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LOTRO: Saddling up for another ride

There’s always that feeling of guilt when you log back into an MMO after a long absence and see your character patiently waiting there, eager for more adventures. It kind of makes me think of Toy Story and how Woody and Buzz and the rest couldn’t wait until their owner would come to play with them.

Then again, you’re a video game, and you’ll darn well wait when I want you to.

So yes, this past week I picked back up LOTRO and resumed my journeys on my Lore-master. I had only the *slightest* temptation to roll up a new character on the new progression servers, but honestly, I already did that three years ago and I don’t think I’d get anything special out of it doing it again.

Instead, I’m trying to get in to the mindset of picking back up older MMO characters to continue their journeys rather than constantly restart whenever I come back to a game. Not saying I’ll never do that, but hitting that reset button never helps me to see the newest content.

Thus, I set off for the wilds of Elderslade, since I’m about two patches behind right now. From what I’ve heard, it’s not like there was a mountain of content added since then, so I think I can very casually quest and be more than caught up for the expansion this fall.

There’s simply something soothing and comforting about the pattern of questing in Middle-earth. I’m mostly doing it for the experience — not the XP — as I’m already at the level cap. Just to see the new areas and get that artificial feeling of accomplishment. Some of the quests are handing out gear upgrades, which is certainly nice, so it’s not all altruistic gaming.

And as always, LOTRO continues to be a visually striking game.

One nice thing about picking back up older characters is all of the unlocks and mounts and cosmetics that I have accumulated. I love mounting up on my elk here and riding across the landscape.

Long-term plans? If I cap out on content, then I may pick back up my Minstrel and get her through the epic book to the cap as well. I do have interest in trying out the new Brawler class come this fall, but more to write an article on it than playing it long-term. I already have the characters I want to journey with going forward.

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