FFXIV: Giant dolls make me go “Lalahell no”

If nothing else, Final Fantasy XIV is proving to be such a screenshottable game that I’m having a hard time culling pictures down to a handful to share in these posts.

It definitely was a great decision on my part to resume questing with my former character who’d already gotten through the core Heavensward expansion. Since every story beat from here on out is new to me, I can log in every night and have that expectation of discovery.

And it doesn’t hurt that I’ve put in the time to unlock flying in all of the zones. Man, flying makes such a difference in this game, and I never get sick of taking my chocobo to the skies.

One mental obstacle that I’ve had to contend with is ignoring that internal pressure to “catch up CATCH  UP” with everyone else in the game. If there wasn’t an expansion coming out this fall, I doubt that voice would be as loud, but… it’s there. I know there’s a huge amount of content — two expansions and three expansion patch cycles — between where I am now and where veteran players are, but there’s no rushing it. There’s no brute-forcing it, nor fretting about it. Like any MMO with a long and involved story arc, it’s best to enjoy where you are and trust that you’ll get there… evantually.

So I’ve been going through the 3.X main story quests, which I’ve dubbed “more dungeons and dragons.” Honestly, I’m more than done with Heavensward in terms of themes and characters. It wasn’t horrible, but the Syp demographic isn’t enthralled by developers going “hey, let’s keep that Elf-and-dragon parade going!” past the point that you felt this storyline concluded.

The patches so far — I’m in 3.4 as I write this — have had some really good beats, including that upside-down castle dungeon with the creepy doll boss. That’s nightmare fuel right there.

I’ve also been faithfully working on a single beast tribe reputation grind every day. I figure I’ll just do one until it caps out and then pick up another one until I’m done with them all. I’m doing the Vanu Vanu, which is great if you like giant angry-looking chicken-bears living on floating islands despite lacking the capacity for flight.

I also took some time off of my routine to hang out with my free company when it was throwing a hide-and-seek event the other night in our neighborhood. It was really nice to see everyone in person (so to speak), although the housing reminded me that I’m so far away from being able to afford even the smallest cottage. One gil at a time!

All things considered, I feel like I’m in a really good place with FFXIV. It’s not annoying me (dragons aside) and I have two classes (Machinist and Scholar) that I’m flipping between for when I want to enjoy specific playstyles.

4 thoughts on “FFXIV: Giant dolls make me go “Lalahell no”

  1. The game’s actually got a decent “catch-up” mechanic for gear — after you complete an x.0 MSQ section, then a vendor opens up that lets you purchase that expansion’s top-end dungeon gear (this includes ARR) for the easily-obtained “Poetics” tomestones. But as you say, to get through the story, you just gotta get through the story.

    For me, I stopped playing about 6 months after Stormblood came out, other than brief dips back in to get Blue Mage and whatnot, but even on those I just did “side content” and didn’t advance the MSQ. I re-subbed right as Shadowbringers came out and was able to just upgrade my gear instantly with the poetics and then catch up from the 4.2 patch to the current stuff in 3 or 4 days was all, so it really wasn’t too big a deal.

    I actually took a little longer than I might have because I unlocked Dancer and had to level it from 60 to 70 before moving into the ShB content, but it was still just a few more days and since I don’t feel the need to be world 1st or whatever, I didn’t care that I was “a week or 2 behind.” All my jobs are capped out now anyway on my main, so it’s not like I didn’t have time to “do it all.”

    I’m in the same boat now — I’ve only done up through the 5.2 patch for the story and when I have played it’s been on an alt that’s still in Stormblood, rather than trying to “catch up” my main character. I’ll get there eventually, as you say. Probably after the new expansion drops.

  2. There’s the option of buying an apartment instead of a housing plot. They’re much cheaper, much more easily available, and ownership doesn’t expire if you’re not subbed or logging in. At least I think that’s how it works, I’m a relative FFXIV noob. You can’t use outdoor furnishings in an apartment though, but otherwise they might scratch your housing itch.

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