LOTRO optimism on the rise after a long, dark night

I love how unpredictable years can be when it comes to MMO news, developments, and my personal gaming journey. A few months ago I stepped away from LOTRO pretty hard and let that recharge timer commence, and it was only very recently that I felt any urge whatsoever to log in.

However, this time, my return wasn’t necessarily triggered by “oh man I miss that game!” so much as a growing sense of optimism about LOTRO in general and SSG in specific. After that wildly uneven year of 2020 — with a great promotion and a horrible server/comms issue — it’s looking so much better with the studio being far more communicative. Plus, I genuinely am getting excited for the next expansion and want to be in a good position to enjoy that.

I haven’t decided on which character I’m going to carry forward as my main, but it’ll be either my Lore-master or Minstrel. I’m going back and forth between them, getting used to their playstyles and feeling out which one I want to play for the long haul.

With my Lore-master, I’ve been venturing into Elderslade (the pre-Gundabad zone) for the first time. It’s a nice if somewhat unremarkable place. Kind of a craggy set of valleys with a few beautiful vistas and waterfalls. I don’t know how much I’m digging this Dwarves vs. Orcs storyline, but at least if I hate it, the devs said that it’ll be concluded with Gundabad. We’ll be moving on in any case.

It’s also proving to be a good WoW substitute now that I’ve uninstalled WoW Classic and the Battlenet client. I’ll talk more about that another day, but at least here I’m getting that WoW-style combat and feature set.

I do want to be pushing myself to remember to queue up for more instances, because that’s a side of the game I’ve very rarely seen so far. I would like more. It’d probably be easier to get a group if I set up a healing build on my Minstrel.

I’ll leave you with this, a picture of Syp falling to his death, which I do at least once a day (and not ironically).

While I will be most focused on a high level character to stay up to date, I have already laid out plans to experiment with a new alt for fun. Something I haven’t done to death before, which leaves me with a few strong options:

  • Stone-Axe Dwarf Burglar
  • Dwarf Rune-Keeper
  • Beorning Beorning

I’m mulling these over but would welcome suggestions and thoughts on those classes. Any Burglars, RKs, or Beornings out there who want to evangelize their role to me?

2 thoughts on “LOTRO optimism on the rise after a long, dark night

  1. I’m on a break from LOTRO but have great memories of playing my Beorning. I’m a solo player (for various reasons) I was able to level her up to 120 with few problems. Since I play solo I’m not sure how she would fit in but there is a build that focuses on that and some of the skills are definitely directed to group play

  2. For me I honestly had an issue with pretty much every class in the game. That was untill the Rune-keeper and Warden went on sale and I bought both of them. The Warden seemed too complicated but I tried out the Rune-keeper and honestly I haven’t looked back since. It just struck the right balance of “cool”, viability, and fun and the alleged “role-play” breaking thing never bothered me and I think is a bit exaggerated (I’m still reading the books tho.) I also think it’d be a good fit for you since you play minstrel and Lore-master to fit the whole magic theme.

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