FFXIV: Ramping up into Stormblood

Boy, it really worked out that I started getting into FFXIV this past month, now that WoW is no longer a part of my gaming routine. I’m glad I’m not left with that awful feeling of fishing around for an MMO to fill any sort of gap, because really, there aren’t enough free time as it is to get in everything I want to be doing with FFXIV.

While I’ve been working on making up a list of long-term goals, for the next few months my priorities are going to be rather simple: Stick with a class to level 80 and get through all of the MSQ. My general plan is for the rest of the year:

  • Finish Heavensward patch MSQs in July (accomplished!)
  • Get through Stormblood 4.0 in August
  • Get through Stormblood 4.x in September
  • Get through Shadowbringers 5.0 in October
  • Get through Shadowbrings 5.x in November
  • Start in on Endwalker in December

It might be too ambitious, I’m not sure, but that feels doable with my schedule. When I get caught up, I’ll then start branching out into more side projects and objectives.

The recent Make It Rain event encouraged me to at least stop in to the Golden Saucer, which is one of many parts of this game I’ve never investigated. I took the tour, started getting my daily scratcher tickets, played a few games of Triple Triad, and mentally bookmarked the rest for further exploration.

I do remember Triple Triad from old school Final Fantasy. I liked it at the time and kind of like it now, so I can see working to collect cards to build a good deck.

But I wasn’t going to let a casino distract me for too long! Heavensward was finally finished as I wrapped up all of the patch MSQ segments. I could’ve done without the first half, which was little more than an extended epilogue of elves and dragons and more dragons and I really don’t care about dragons in this or any game so it’s kind of a lost cause with me. Dragon dies? The game wants me to cry but I’m just shugging and moving on. It’s an upstart lizard with delusions of grandeur.

The second half of the Heavensward patches — the Stormblood prologue — were much stronger, with a few rather interesting twists and reveals. I didn’t feel like it was as much busy work, and I liked how there’s even some setup for Shadowbringers there with the Warriors of Darkness.

I felt really good seeing the Stormblood logo come up. My interest hasn’t faltered one bit, and I’m settling into a good routine of logging in every night to see where the story takes me. I am a little concerned that Stormblood won’t be that good — I hear people praising the first and third expansions an awful lot but never this one — especially considering how long I’m going to be in it.

3 thoughts on “FFXIV: Ramping up into Stormblood

  1. Welcome to Stormblood! It’s not a bad expansion, persay, but it just depends on the kind of story and themes you like. As you noted, elves and dragons don’t do it for you, so fans of elves and dragons praise Heavensward over Stormblood.

    Personally, Stormblood isn’t my favorite expansion (I reserve that for Shadowbringers). There are some things about it that I would have changed in terms of pacing and characterization, but it’s not particularly bad. So I hope you enjoy it and update us on what you think once get to the other side!

  2. I haven’t ever gotten invested in any of the FFXIV story. I’ve never been so hooked that I had to see “what happens next.” That’s only ever happened to me in any MMO one time and that was in a specific zone of ESO, but it’s so long ago that I don’t even really remember that, other than that it happened. And frankly, I hate the 8-man trials, so I often get bogged down in the story when a trial is required to advance. I’ve been watching some streamers going through the story lately of various parts of the game and I really just don’t remember much of it at all. Maybe some overall story beats, but even there I’m surprised by how little I remember.

    OTOH, I generally read 2-3 novels per week and have on occasion gotten 300 pages into a 500+ page book before realizing I’ve read it before, so it’s probably more of an “this is just entertainment, not something I need to bother with remembering” thing for me that extends across anything that’s entertaining, not simply MMO’s.

    I don’t recall ever being put off by Stormblood. Same for ShadowBringers or Heavensward — it’s all “fine” but I’ll never (not even in FFXIV nor SWTOR which are supposedly the best MMOs for story) recommend playing any MMO for the story.

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