Syp’s gaming goals for August 2021

July 2021 in review

  • This wasn’t a terrible month for gaming but it did see a significant change in direction following the revelation of Really Bad Stuff over at Blizzard that prompted me to drop WoW Classic like a hot potato. So while I did get my Warlock up through some of Zangarmarsh, there I left her — and uninstalled the game on all of my computers. I think it’s the first time I’ve uninstalled WoW in recent memory.
  • Fortunately, things were brighter for Final Fantasy XIV. I got into a good pattern of playing through Heavensward’s 3.X main story questline while gearing up my Machinist, exploring the Golden Saucer, joining a free company, and enjoying life as a Lalafell. A week before the end of the month, I was already in Stormblood.
  • Another interesting gaming shift was a solid return to Lord of the Rings Online as I picked back up my high level characters and worked through some of the newest content.
  • I also wrapped up my Curse of Monkey Island retro gaming series and said goodbye (for now) to that format. I may do another retro run in the future, but for now you won’t be seeing my weekly post on an old game here.

August gaming goals

  • I do very much wish I had more free income to splash on games, because I’d love to pick up both Wildermyth and Sims 4: Cottage Living, but I’m going to have to save funds for New World. Because I’m SO excited about what’s shaping up to be a pretty good MMORPG, from word-of-mouth and personal experiences, and I’m counting down the days to playing this in late August.
  • Aside from working on whatever beast tribe I’ve picked at the time, my only Final Fantasy XIV goal for the month is to get through Stormblood 4.0. It’s a very tall order — 122 quests in all — but why not shoot for the stars? That’s about four quests a day, which is pretty doable.
  • In Lord of the Rings Online, I want to get my Lore-master through Elderslade and work on setting up a “for fun” alt for an article series. Haven’t decided which yet. Stay tuned on that front.
  • I have a couple of betas I’ll be playing: Ship of Heroes early in the month and Book of Travels at the very end of the month. Quite psyched for both of these.

One thought on “Syp’s gaming goals for August 2021

  1. I love the new website banner, Justin. Still reading your blog everyday and enjoying it, by the way ❤

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