Blaugust 2021 and Bio Break site update

It’s Blaugust once more, and while I’m always happy when this blogging festival returns (thanks, Belghast!), this year I’m going to have to sit in the back seats more than usual. It’s turning out to be an incredibly busy month, and I’m just not going to have enough bandwidth to do more than normal.

That said, I give this project my thumbs-up of approval and encourage would-be and lapsed bloggers to sign up and enjoy some extra community, incentive, and promotion this month. It’s a fun go.

In other news, I’ve spent some time this week giving the ol’ Bio Break an upgrade. Nothing too drastic, you understand, but sometimes you need to move the furniture around and spruce up the curtains. So for starters, I’ve switched to a different blog theme for the first time in years. It’s actually pretty similar to my old one, except that it has a bigger header and some wider column space. I’ve been working on adding a randomized gallery of big header pictures from each of the MMOs that were influential to me.

I’ve also done a lot of work on the right-hand column:

  • Added the “Favorite MMOs” section with links to posts on those games
  • Greatly updated the “Keeping My Eye On” section with links to Twitter feeds
  • Culled dead blogs off the blogroll and added new ones onto it

As always, if you have an active MMO or gaming blog that you don’t see listed here, let me know in the comments or via twitter and I’d be happy to add you.

Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “Blaugust 2021 and Bio Break site update

  1. New theme looks great! Always enjoy your posts here, on MOP, and on Mutant Reviewers. It’s a shame so much of your attention is currently being drawn away by the whole ActiBliz situation, but your coverage is much appreciated. Stay well!

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