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Figuring out what there is to do in Final Fantasy XIV

I’m stressed in FFXIV. It’s a pretty common feeling whenever I’m in an MMO and haven’t fully wrapped my head around all that there is to do. I know, FFXIV evangelists will yammer on about taking things slow and making your own objectives and whatnot, but they’re also speaking from a position of knowing most of these options. They’re above it, I’m below it, and down here is stressful.

There’s always that question of, “Should I be doing some specific activity every day for a grand goal?” I mean, I only found out a month ago that I should be heading over to the Gold Saucer to grab a few free lotto tickets every day, and now I’m kicking myself that I wasn’t doing that since the start. It’s that sort of thing. Should I be doing daily roulettes? What about pursuing a beast tribe? And what waits for me when I’ve exhausted the MSQ or want to take a break from it?

The only thing that relieves this stress is doing research and making a list of activities and features to investigate later on, so here’s what I’ve found:

  • Leveling more or all of the jobs to the level cap (Heaven-on-High, roulettes, etc.)
  • Blue Mage leveling and skill collecting
  • Making money (I’d like to own a house one day, after all)
  • Beast tribe reputation tracks
  • Hildebrand questlines (have no idea where I left off in these)
  • Crafting — probably never going to be my thing
  • Gold Saucer minigames
  • Eureka — What is this zone? Do I need to do it? Is it outdated now?
  • Relic weapons — Worth getting? How much time will this take? Able to attain solo?
  • Seasonal events
  • Raiding/savage instances
  • Doing weekly challenge logs
  • Wondrous Tails
  • Grand Company — Do I need to keep leveling this up?
  • Sightseeing logs
  • Triple Triad — Collect cards, look up a guide
  • Adventurer Squadrons
  • Unlock flying for each zone
  • Treasure Hunts
  • Clan Hunts
  • Going through the Content Unlock page on the wiki and seeing what needs to be done
  • And, of course, GLAMOUR, the real endgame

Obviously, I don’t want to do ALL of these. I don’t have the time for it. But I want to have this list to investigate later on to figure out which activities are up my alley and worth pursuing.

3 thoughts on “Figuring out what there is to do in Final Fantasy XIV

  1. Some unrequested answers:

    Eureka β€” What is this zone? Do I need to do it? Is it outdated now?

    Eureka is a sideways leveling experience from the previous expansion, The equiv. for Shadowbringers is the Bozjan Southern Front, and going back HoH, Palace of the Dead. It’s out of date for this expansion, but there are interesting story beats and glamours, including…

    Relic weapons β€” Worth getting? How much time will this take? Able to attain solo?

    There’s a new Relic Weapon set per expansion, current expansion ones are good for end-game gear, previous expansions look good. Zodiac (ARR) and Anima (HW) are open world grinds, but as of SB they’re tied to the sideways-leveling for that expansion.

    Grand Company β€” Do I need to keep leveling this up?

    Again, if you want the glamours from your GC.

    Sightseeing logs

    Achivement grind. Earlier ones are specific, emotes at unmarked places in specific weather at specific times. Post… HW, I think? They’re just places and emotes.

    Adventurer Squadrons

    This is how you level Grand Company ranks after a certain point. It’s a sidegame to idle-game or play dungeons solo otherwise until you get to the Trust system in SHB.

  2. For leveling the jobs… I just did leve quests and the leveling roulette until I got them to about 40, then I added in the Beast Tribes to that also. Once they hit 50 I’d also do the MSQ roulette as it gives a simply massive amount of xp on the 1st run of the day. At 50 you also unlock daily hunt bills that give a decent chunk of xp and gil. Not a whole lot, but it adds up over time and you can do it while waiting for the leveling and/or MSQ roulettes to pop πŸ˜‰

    I went that route becuz Palace of the Dead and Heaven on High weren’t available when I was doing that leveling. And after PotD came out… honestly, I never cared for it and the other things I was already doing “felt better and faster” to me anyway. Diff’rent strokes and all of that.

    Blue Mage levels very quickly (on purpose) but the “real game” for it is collecting all the skills and solving all the puzzles in the.. um… Faire? I don’t remember what it’s called. I never completed it and my spellbook’s only about 60% complete. It really just didn’t appeal to me.

    Making money…. there are guides out there. TBH, I tend to spend all my gil on glamour items so I’m perpetually poor, but if I don’t buy things for a week or so I find myself with a million or more gil and I’m never quite sure where it all came from, so… it seems to just flow in unless I’m actually trying to earn a lot. Go figure, eh?

    Beast tribes in ARR were a bit of a grind, and IIRC didn’t really give much xp either, but they gave a bit and it was useful. In HW they started to give out scaling xp, so the amount given was much nicer and increased as you leveled so it was always the same percentage of a level. This made beast tribes into a very useful tool for leveling alt jobs. The faction reqs were decreased in HW and beyond also, so it only takes like 3 weeks to cap out a faction anymore, which doesn’t really give anything other than access to everything on the tribe’s vendor, but the mounts can be nice looking, I guess.

    Hildibrand is just silly fun. Had some trials and whatnot in ARR, but from HW and beyond it’s all just a silly little Japanese slapstick comedy tv show. IIRC, anyway. I don’t recall any fights in the quests after ARR, anyway.

    Crafting is completely optional. I did it just to fill time, but I’ve never pursued it, despite it supposedly being the fastest/easiest way to make money in the game.

    Gold saucer is a diversion. All that the MGP gets you are mounts and cosmetics. I’ve picked at it here and there, got most of what I wanted from the vendors. The “really cool” mounts and whatnot are expensive enough that I’ve always been put off by the amount of grinding I felt would be needed to get them, so I’ve never really pursued that either. Just fun time-filling stuff to do for a break from leveling or the MSQ or whatever.

    Eureka — I’ve never done anything with it. I know I’ve picked up the unlock quest… but I don’t recall if I ever actually finished it or not.

    Relics — I never bothered. I think I unlocked the initial ARR phase on 1 or 2 of them as that was quick, but then the grinding requirements for the additional upgrades made me just go “Nah, not doing that.” I’ve heard that when a new expansion drops they revise the earlier grind phases to reduce the requirements a lot, but I’ve never checked it out either.

    Seasonal events — usually take about 15-20 minutes to complete. Might need to re-run a bit for currency to afford all the glamour options you want from an event, but usually can still be done quickly. Current event simply gives you the mount though, and all the currency vendor has for sale are a variety of firework consumables, so… eh. I was done in 15 minutes. And ran it on 2 alts too, just for the mount.

    Raiding — again, never appealed to me. I enjoyed Syrcus Tower in ARR well enough, I suppose but didn’t really care for the 1st or 3rd raids in that series. Never bothered with the Coils. In HW I never did Alexander (until after SB came out and the FC went back and did it unsynced for the halibut) and only ever did the 1st raid in the Void Ark series. When the 2nd raid came out I just never did it. Haven’t done any raiding at all since, making me one of the few people not to have the Nier glamour set from the ShB raid series πŸ˜‰ I want to get it, and I’ve actually got the unlock quest telling me to go into the Copied Factory, but… eh. What’s weird to me is that I was actually a semi-hardcore raider back in EQ2, so I dunno why I don’t care to do it anymore, but… we change as we grow, I guess.

    Challenge logs — I don’t pursue them. I simply take what they bonus at me for doing what I do, but I don’t actively pursue them at all.

    Wondrous Tales — I know it exists. I think I might even be able to do a turn-in for it or something, but I don’t know if I actually can. Isn’t the person for it in Idyllshire? Maybe? Again… completely optional system. Seemed to me to be something to give completionists something to grind for each week, but not something that offered enough for me to feel like I’d ever bother.

    Grand Company — I leveled to 2nd lieutenant. Mucked around a little with squads when they released which I think got me to 1st lieutenant, but then I stopped caring about it. From what I recall of it, all it’s good for is glamour items and you have access to all of them at 2nd Lieutenant. I’ve seen Aywren talking about doing squad dungeons and stuff like that, but I’ve never advanced that far with it. You can do daily turn-ins of items for a nice XP reward, so it can be useful to help level, especially alt jobs, but overall it doesn’t affect the game itself materially. I honestly haven’t thought of the GC in years until you brought it up today though, so… take that for what you will.

    Sightseeing logs — I didn’t bother in ARR since you had to be in a certain place at a certain time of day with a certain type of weather and it was simply annoying to have all those factors align. I think I wasn’t alone in this, as from HW on it’s now just “go the the place and do the emote.” In Stormblood they added jumping puzzles for some of them and I still don’t have those…. I’m a terrible platformer πŸ˜‰ It’s a decent xp bump to find a vista, so it’s still nice to do them, especially for a quick boost to an alt-job, but that’s it. I don’t recall there being any special reward for filling out the log. Maybe there’s a title for completing it and getting an achievement or something, but I really don’t remember.

    Triple Triad — see the Gold Saucer paragraph πŸ˜‰

    Adventurer Squadrons — If this isn’t the Grand Company Squadron, then I don’t even know what this is. If it is the GC Squad then… see my paragraph about that πŸ˜‰

    Flying – you unlock this as you do the MSQ through the zones. In HW they originally made the things a little hard to find and some were a little jump-puzzly to get to, but I think the feedback on that was negative so they got moved to be more easily accessible and not far from the paths that the MSQ takes you to anyway. Just watch for the blue unlock quests to suddenly appear as the MSQ progresses also, as there are 4 of those per zone in addition to the 10 to find using the compass and the final quest one is given by the MSQ as you finish the zone’s story.

    Treasure Hunts — I think I’ve used a few maps here and there…. a long time ago.

    Clan hunts — I mentioned these in my 1st paragraph. They give a moderate amount of xp and gil each day, so they’re worth doing. The additional clan currency they give gives decent glamours and such too. I think in the older ones you can even buy some decent-to-good gear with them anymore. And part of me also wants to say mount speed increases in the older zones too, but I’m not sure of my memory on that.

    So anyway, the TL;DR of all of that is…. most of the stuff you’ve mentioned is completely optional. The only things to “really worry about” when learning the game are the MSQ and the blue “unlock” quests. Everything else you can worry about as you’re more comfortable and familiar with the game.

  3. As a veteran XIV player, please enjoy the journey of being a new(er) player! I enjoyed my grind to completing most of the relevant content, and am glad that I was able to enjoy the bulk of the MSQ, side quest, beast tribes (though I didn’t do much with them tbh), and the plethora of other miscellaneous content. Enjoy the ride! You only get to experience XIV once (including all the silliness, monotonous, and filler-content that in hindsight was such a blast even though I would never do it again lol).

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