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Six MMOs that want my attention in 2021

Boy do I feel like I’m in a weird place with MMO gaming right now. Call it a summer malaise or what have you, but it’s that mixture of guilt, restlessness, and a hunger for fresh blogging material that keeps turning my mind to MMOs I’m not playing — but kind of feel that I should. Or might. Perhaps. Maybe at some point later this year.

The delay of New World really threw my summer plans into disarray. Now I’ve got over a month before gearing up for that, so I have some extra time that I could be using elsewhere. Not that LOTRO or FFXIV doesn’t offer enough content to fill those hours, but… restlessness. Freshness. I don’t like getting too stale.

In any case, here are six MMOs that I’ve been contemplating as titles that I want to get to sooner or later:

No Man’s Sky

The recent fifth anniversary thrust this title back in front of my eyes. It always seems like a game that I should like and stick with more than I have in the past, and so it’s always on the docket for another go. I think this might actually be a really fun blog series if I wanted to do a journal run of it.

Fallout 76

It’s been a while since I’ve done any serious F76 play, and this is a good contender for bite-sized explorative play. I’ve never hit level 50 on a character, and I would like to see how the level scaling works from the start. I’m still kind of holding out for a guild and chat system, but that’s not on the immediate horizon, so my feelings are more lukewarm than “MUST PLAY NOW.”

Star Trek Online

My daughter and I have been watching through some Star Trek: The Next Generation — she’s kind of interested in Trek, so I’m low-key encouraging it — and it’s certainly having the result of making me want to head back into the MMO… at some point. Probably in about six episodes, if my track record is a witness.

Project Gorgon

Label this one under a big, all-caps “GUILT,” because boy do I feel guilty that I’m not actually playing this. Allegedly, I’m waiting for a bonafide launch, but that’s just an excuse. The truth is that I know I’m going to have to learn a whole bunch of new systems and figure out what to do, and that takes mental energy I’m not super-willing to expend. Right now. But I should.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

New expansion will come with new hype. But the appeal for me, right now, would be that SWTOR is a good MMO substitute for when I’m craving WoW again. I’m not quite at that point — LOTRO is probably helping, here — but it’s quite possible that I’ll be blasting my way through this during the holiday season.

Guild Wars 2

Another case of “new expansion news brings actual hope that this game has a future instead of stagnation.” I genuinely hope it does. I don’t really care for GW2’s story, but I love so much about this game and want to see it pull out of this nose-dive it’s been in the past few years. Considering that I’m reinstalling it as I’m typing this, there’s a better-than-average chance I’ll be puttering around doing map completion before too long.

2 thoughts on “Six MMOs that want my attention in 2021

  1. NMS — I have it. I think it might even still be installed. But it never really hooked me, so I haven’t logged into it in at least a year… maybe longer.

    F76 — Never interested me. I like seeing other people’s screenies, but have no desire to play it myself.

    STO — I gave this a try once for a few days. Didn’t “do it” for me either.

    P:G — I bought this, installed it, played it for an afternoon, then uninstalled it. Don’t even really remember why. I don’t think I disliked it, I think it was just bland and generic and didn’t have anything that made me think I’d ever want to play it again.

    SWTOR — I last played this a couple of years ago. Got 7 of the 8 classes through their class stories, but didn’t get any of them even past the 1st expansion. Same complaint on trying it the 2nd time as back when it released — it’s all so perfectly “balanced” that your class is really largely irrelevant, and the story isn’t good enough on any class to keep me invested. Plus after the level 50 class quests are done it’s all 1 story for any class afterward, so it seemed that with my alt-itis (which I enjoy, not suffer from 😉 ) that it’d just be a lot of grinding to get through it all, so I just kinda went “meh” and drifted away again.

    GW2 — bought this one earlier this summer. Tried doing daily play for a couple of months, got 3 of the classes to 80 and had all the others in various levels ranging from 31 to 55. Never got past the level 70 “living story” though as those quests just bored me to tears, so I never unlocked any of the expansion content. None of the classes really grabbed me either and made me go “this is my new home” so I drifted off from this one too.

    Honestly even FFXIV still has my sub, but I log into it maybe a time or 2 a month is all. This’ll change after Endwalker drops, but… I hate trials and I’m at the “end of 5.3 trial” blocking my progress to “catch up.” I did the same thing in 5.0 — got to the final trial and just stopped playing for 4 months before finally going back and finishing it in order to catch up to the MSQ. But yeah…. I honestly think I’m kinda burned out on the MMO genre as a whole right now, so no matter which MMO I try it probably won’t last long for me.

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