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What LOTRO’s world map looks like in 2021

A little while back, someone posted an updated version of the compiled world map for Lord of the Rings Online at it stands at Update 29. As a map fanatic, I love looking over this thing and noting so many details.

For starters, look how big the world has grown since the game’s launch. The original LOTRO was just that upper left corner, and even not all of that. Since then, it has really expanded to become a sprawling world with the frozen north, the balmy coastal south, the far east of Ered Luin and the far west of Mordor.

I also love that it’s all connected. I don’t know any other MMO that has a connected world like this, where it isn’t broken up by continents and tons of loading screens. Seeing mountain ranges, forests, and rivers flow from one zone through the next lends that sense of world credibility.

Also, look how big Gondor is — and it wasn’t ever released as an expansion! I always feel this goes overlooked.

You can also see in this map how much the map styles of LOTRO have changed over time. There are three such types: The original hand-drawn stuff that looks like it comes from a book but isn’t always super-helpful, the more detailed and colorful hand-drawn stuff, and then the top-down camera snapshots of the zones themselves. Personally, I like the second version the best.

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