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LOTRO: Festivals and fire

Wish me well, for I write this from the bowels of Mordor. After a week-and-a-half of doing the Farmer’s Faire for experience, cosmetics, and housing decorations, I’m finally back to adventuring as a full-time profession. Well, in her world, at least.

I don’t know how wise it is to ignore all of the side quests and focus only on the main one. I suspect it’s foolish, as I definitely don’t have enough of this Radiance 2.0 gear to overcome the shadow of Mordor. But I think I might just be keeping up with the XP curve… at least for the time being.

One nice thing about only doing the epic is having that narrative and questing continuity. You’re not being pulled in sixteen directions by a massive To Do list; you have a single objective that needs to be accomplished — and one after that, and one after that.

One of the quests took me back to Minas Tirith, which I haven’t visited for a while. It made me think, yet again, that I really need to do a Tourist’s Guide to Minas Tirith article at some point. There are so many interesting buildings and sights in this packed city that deserve exploring.

But for the most part, I’ve been criss-crossing my way through Mordor, hoping that the epic will get me out of here as fast as possible. At least I’m not struggling to survive or kill. I’m not a hard-hitting damage dealer, that’s for sure, but the fact that I have like five different heals firing off during my rotation more than makes up for the slower pace. I guess if I want that zippy kill experience, I’ll jump on my Hunter some day.

Honestly, it’s still way better than getting batted around on my Lore-master. I have come to suspect that part of the issue involves how legendary items can make or break a character build depending on how they’re built up. In this, I hold fast to the hope that we’ll get the LI revamp this fall, as SSG has been talking. I’m just tired of dying all of the time.

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