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Could Into the Echo be the time travel MMO I’ve desired?

I’ve always harbored a real soft spot for time travel tales and games — there’s a reason why Chrono Trigger is my all-time favorite video game — and I’ve always kind of wanted a time travel MMO as a result. Oh, plenty of MMOs have utilized time travel in parts, such as Star Trek Online and Secret World, but I wanted something more. Something that makes time travel a centerpiece rather than a periphery.

I may have just found it. A new MMO that we recently learned about, Into the Echo, bills itself as a “massively multiplayer time travel odyssey” on a fictional world. From the brief description, it sounds like your character will be able to jump into the past of the game world for reasons (and, probably, quests), but we’re not given a whole lot more than that.

The devs did speak to the progression system of the game, which it wants to be a whole lot more flexible than most MMOs: “We are doing away with this numerical and linear XP model and replacing it with what we call a hub-and-spoke style progression system. Our innovation lies in taking the concept further and elevating its application towards achieving character individuality.” That’s kind of neat and a nice way to create an ever-expanding system.

Going back to time travel, the devs said that they’ve mapped out a millions years of the game world’s history, since it was built from the ground-up rather than start in the present and extrapolate backward.

In any case, so far there have only been four essays about various aspects about the game, but I like the thought that’s being put into it and the ambitious goal of making an actual game world that invites players to live in it. And if there’s some good time travelin’ to go with it? So much the better.

One thought on “Could Into the Echo be the time travel MMO I’ve desired?

  1. Vey cool, that was not on my radar at all. I have always thought a game where one of the central mechanics was going back in time to make changes that you harvest the effects of in the future would be neat. Chrono Trigger is literally the only game I know of that does that. The PS follow up Chrono Cross didn’t even really have that as I recall.

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