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Mobile gaming comfort food

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got folders of untested mobile games on my phone that I steadfastly ignore while returning to sometimes five- or even ten-year-old games that are tried and true. I am remarkably picky in what I want in a quick phone bite-sized play session, and so the ones that have met these inner qualifications end up sticking around.

So lately I’ve been playing a few old classics. My go-to for any three minutes of spare time is Clash Royale. I think I’m pretty good at it — at least I win far more than I lose — and I’ve been trying out some different deck builds that have been more effective than what I’ve used in the past. But the real key to winning is all in timing. It’s all in knowing when to hold back, when to push, when to save a nasty counter for later, and when to really frustrate your opponent by attacking both sides of the board at once.

Another one that I’ve dusted off as of late is Knights of Pen and Paper. I’d play the sequel, which had more content and better strategy, except that a few years ago the developer completely retooled it as a pay-to-win grindfest while stripping away paid purchases. And hey, I’ve never fully beaten the original, so why not? I really like that it loads quickly on my iPhone 7 (yeah, I’m the cutting edge of 2016 here), can be played in portrait mode, and lends itself to quick or lengthy sessions. It’s been ideal for my kids’ soccer practices, I can tell you.

And I just found out that Knights of Pen and Paper 3 is on the way, which totally made my month! There’s even gameplay video out there, and my body is so ready for this.

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