65 tips and tricks to help you get a great start in New World

Now that we’re finally counting down to New World’s launch, I’ve realized just how little I know about the ins and outs of the game. So I figured I’d do a lot of research covering things players should know starting out in the game. And since I’m watching through a lot of videos on this, I also figured I’d compile a quick list of 65 tips and tricks to pass on. If you’re like me, you’d rather have a written list than having to slog through hours of videos, right? Right.

Questing and adventuring:

  1. Your primary source of XP will be questing.
  2. There are four types of quests: Main questline, side quests, faction quests, and town projects.
  3. Ignore sheep town quests. They’re too hard to find.
  4. Make sure to pick up faction quests (very important) and town projects (not as important, but nice for bonus XP) while in towns.
  5. Make sure you have a food buff active at all times. Eating rations will provide health regen and other nice effects. These have a 10-minute duration.
  6. Rested XP does accumulate in towns when you log out.
  7. The first three quests that you do every day for your faction handler will grant you bonus XP.
  8. Campsites can be placed with the “Y” key to rest, cook, craft, and resurrect.
  9. You can only pick guilds and companies based on the faction you’ve chosen. You also can’t place these in landmarks.
  10. You will choose a faction as part of the main story quest around level 8-10. It is mandatory.
  11. Enable PvP mode to get extra 5% XP while leveling. You can only activate this in towns.
  12. Higher territory standing levels get you really good XP, so focus on a single town to increase this.
  13. Pick up the little glowing blue lore documents for extra XP. XP on successive documents ramps up.
  14. There are four starter zones which should get you up to 20-25.
  15. At level 25, you’ll head from your starter zone to Brightwood. After Brightwood is Weaver’s Fen and Cutlass Keys.
  16. Corrupted portals are best done in groups.
  17. Elite zones are areas on the map with unique monsters. Faction representatives will give quests for these, and the named mobs have better-than-average gear.
  18. Trading posts (auction houses) are not linked, so use ones in higher traffic areas.
  19. Keep an eye out for supply crates and chests with extra goodies out in the game world.

Character progression:

  1. New World is a classless, skill-based game, so experiment with different weapons, builds, and armor weight tiers.
  2. Every 50 points spent in a specific attribute, you’ll unlock a perk for that track.
  3. You can respec for free before level 20.
  4. You get 3 attribute points per level (108 from leveling by level 60), and the rest of the attribute points come from gear bonuses.
  5. Each weapon mastery tree has two main options per weapon type. You’ll get 20 points to spend in these max, so you can pick one tree over the other or go hybrid. Mastery points are only gained by using the weapon in question.
  6. You’ll pick a faction at level 10. You then have to wait 120 days to change factions, so pick wisely.


  1. There are 11 weapon types in the game right now: sword, spear, bow, fire staff, rapier, great axe, musket, life staff, hatchet, war hammer, and ice gauntlet.
  2. There is no dual wielding, daggers, pistols, halberds, or wands.
  3. Sword is the only weapon that can be paired with a shield.
  4. Dodging makes you invincible for a very short period.
  5. Combat is more about avoiding damage (blocking, dodging, etc.) and then striking back.
  6. Damage numbers are colored according to different attacks: White is normal, blue means the enemy is resisting that damage type, yellow means the enemy is weak to that damage type, and orange is a crit. This is why you should have more than one weapon to swap between.
  7. If you hit an enemy in the back, it’s an automatic crit.
  8. One option to consider is “show extra ability cooldown” in the gameplay settings tab. This will add countdown timers on the HUD next to your character so you can know when certain abilities are ready without having to look down and over at your ability bar.

Gearing and inventory:

  1. Faction gear is the best leveling gear, by and large. Buy your first set at level 15. Do trials (which are part of the main story quest) to increase faction tiers to gain access to better gear.
  2. Salvage all your stuff for repair parts. Not really worth it to sell to other players.
  3. Light armor gives you 20% bonus damage and a big dodge, medium is 10% bonus damage and a medium dodge, and heavy is no bonus damage and a small dodge. However, heavy armor does give you 15% bonus blocking. Additionally, medium and heavy armor tiers offer longer debuffs.
  4. It’s totally OK to mix-and-match armor types, although you’re probably going to want all heavy if you’re creating a tank.
  5. You get three bag slots, which allow you to increase the amount of weight you carry before becoming over-encumbered.
  6. Town storage is your bank, which allows you to offload mats and items. However, town storage sheds are NOT connected, so your stuff won’t be shared between settlements.
  7. To hide certain gear visuals, right-click on the item equipped, select “change skin,” and then change it to none or another cosmetic option.
  8. Take off your shield when you’re not tanking, as it seriously adds to your armor weight value.


  1. There are no mounts in the game.
  2. Fast travel options: Recall to inn (free, one-hour cooldown), using Azoth to fast travel to town locations or recall shrines, or hitting “respawn” in the game menu to go to your camp or nearest settlement. This last option causes your gear to take durability damage.
  3. Fast travel Azoth costs are calculated by distance, faction ownership, and encumberance.
  4. Place camps often to make sure you don’t have a long run back after deaths.


  1. New World has five gathering skills, five refining skills, and seven crafting skills. A player can level all of these if he or she chooses.
  2. Specific attributes are attached to specific harvesting skills (strength and mining, for example). Higher attribute scores will speed up harvesting and even increase its yield.
  3. Crafting is not that important at the start but increases in relevance as you level to 35 and beyond.
  4. New World Map is a helpful site that lists the locations of all resources.
  5. If you want to know what a harvestable resource looks like, open up the tradeskill menu to Harvesting, and you’ll get pictures for each one.
  6. Saltpeter is in caves/underground.
  7. Hemp (for linen fibers) is found in grasslands outside of towns.
  8. Azoth is an important resource for crafting. You’ll get Azoth from the main questline, certain mobs, certain drops, or a perk on tools that give you Azoth from harvesting.
  9. Azoth can be used while crafting for a chance at rarity increase or to add a gem slot.
  10. Get fish fillets and fish oil by salvaging the fish after you catch them.
  11. While campsites do offer some crafting options, you get a wider variety of services and bonuses by going to town and using those crafting facilities.
  12. Make sure you grab all of the herbs you see (purple flowers). They’re not always that common to find.
  13. To learn recipes that you find, you have to salvage them.
  14. Secondary crafting ingredients are found in chests or on mobs. You can also use a “common material converter” to transform one mat into a different one.


  1. Guilds are called “companies,” can have up to 100 players, and are led by a “Governor.”
  2. A company only has players from a single faction.
  3. Companies can fight for and claim land.


  1. You can have a house in any settlement. There are no conquest requirements for this.
  2. You do need to meet a minimum faction standing requirement and enough gold to buy and upkeep your abode.
  3. Housing isn’t just decorative; it provides benefits as well. Trophies provide buffs, and players can set down additional storage.

2 thoughts on “65 tips and tricks to help you get a great start in New World

  1. Some parts i would argue/add on, though i have to add i didn’t play too much, made couple chars to 25.
    3. last beta i saw much much more sheep already, last one i hardly saw any,
    13. Just add, use T, so you will auto read them, don’t have to open journal then.
    15. It depends on faction you choose, I think Marauders went to cutlass keys after lvl25 to do the trial quest, while (orange faction) went Brightwood.

    5. You will get 19 points as max.

    1. Faction gear is great levelling gear thanks to being guaranteed you get right type with right skills, but dungeon gear for level 25 was better, also some gear i got from elite mobs around that time.
    2. You can add house recalls there with 4-2 hours of cooldown depending on tier. (this can also be mentioned in housing part instead) Also i tried find that “respawn” button last beta, i didn’t see any.

  2. I believe the “respawn” option was removed because people were abusing it as a taxi service. You now need to get yourself killed to respawn. For the same reason, you can only respawn at your camp after being killed if you died within 500m of your camp, no free cross-continental travel.

    Hitting the enemy in the back is only an automatic crit with melee weapons. With ranged weapons, you auto crit on a headshot.

    You only recover HP over time if you’re under the effects of a well fed buff, so always carry plenty of rations – also, you can use them for more healing if you aren’t actively being hit, even if you are in combat. Food and healing potions are both on short cooldowns, so get used to using them in combat. I’d recommend at the very least crafting your own food and heal pots, the tier one stuff is very easy to make. Also ammunition if you use a bow or a musket – basic arrows just need wood, flint and the feathers from those turkeys you were hunting anyway for rations.

    There’s at least one area with loads of sheep in Everfall (valley on the eastern side of the region), although if you don’t know that hunting spot they are pretty hard to find elsewhere. If you get the “hunt sheep in Stonereach” task then fuggedaboutit, there are only about 3 spawns total, they’re not where the marker is in the map and every bugger in Aeternum is competing for them.

    There are no NPC vendors. Sell unwanted loot on the trading post to other players, or salvage items (S + left click in inventory) for repair parts and coin.

    Don’t try hunting elk with a melee weapon unless you enjoy frustration and have the Benny Hill music queued up. Creature AI in this game is significantly more advanced than “stand there and let them kill me” and some of the prey animals are downright skittish.

    Do not do fishing. At least, not if you have a life outside the game you need to get back to at some point 🙂

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