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LOTRO: Hacking my way through Minas Morgul

One of the beautiful things about having a “home MMO” is being incredibly comfortable in it. LOTRO is the kind of game I can sit down with and not stress about what to do or how the game functions. Its slower pace is perfect for the end of the day when my brain is spinning down anyway. So I’ve gotten large swaths of content done because I’m so comfy in the game that I don’t feel like jumping out to do something else.

And I’m happy to report that I’ve gotten my Captain through all of the lead-up to Minas Morgul and am now in the expansion itself. It’s fascinating how (relatively) fast you move through content when you’re just doing the main storyline.

Minas Morgul has such an interesting introduction, as it takes place in a very extended flashback back when Mordor was besieged by the good peeps back in the Second Age. The way that the devs handled this — sending your character back with the thin fiction of piloting a similar class who was actually present — is far better than giving us a lengthy session play-like experience with some strange class.

Sometimes I shrink LOTRO to half the screen and pop on a movie or some stand-up comedy in the other half. It helps to fill up that time, especially when I’m doing a quest that involves killing a whole bunch of mobs and then riding halfway across the zone.

One thing I’d very much like to accomplish this month is finding a new kinship. Mine almost never talks or does stuff together, and I’m feeling the angst of not having enough social connection going on. While I’ve been keeping an eye on world chat for any ads, I haven’t seen much at all. I think I’m going to have to get a lot more aggressive at this point.

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