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My New World launch plans

I’ve always done this thing where, when I’m really excited about an upcoming event but have a hard time waiting for it, put it out of my mind as much as possible. I think I’ve done admirably well with the months and weeks leading up to New World. I’ve busied myself with other projects and games. But in these last few days, it’s getting much harder to ignore it.

So I might as well give in? Just torture myself with the wanting while I can’t have it. That’s fine. When I can’t ignore the hype any longer, I go to my reliable Plan B, which is to start making plans for the first week in the game. What do I want to do? What goals would make me pleased to accomplish?

The first thing to do, and the one I’m doing right now, is hunting around for a good guild (company) to join. Since my faction will be impacted by that, I need to know this now versus later. I *really* don’t want to have to reroll just because I found a great group of folks that isn’t in my faction.

I’m not clearing out the day or anything like that — I kind of wish I could do that, but honestly, I know how launches go and would always counsel anyone to take a day off later in the week to play versus on Day One. But for me, it’ll be shoehorned into my regular gaming hours and that’ll be that.

As always, I do want to take my time and really get to know the game. Since crafting is such a big part of it, I want to get on top of that from the start and stay caught up with it, even if it means that I won’t progress in levels as fast as others. I’ll also be working toward saving up for a house, so that’s a long-term goal that requires frugality from the get-go.

I know my character will use the rapier as a main weapon, although I’m going back and forth between the idea of an ice gauntlet or a musket as a secondary. I feel I need a good ranged option, and both of those work for that. The gauntlet shares a nice stat with the rapier, but the musket fleshes out that “three musketeers” vibe. I’ll probably do the musket, but it’s a close call at this point.

In any case, I’m raring to go! It’s been a looooooong time since we had an MMORPG release of this caliber, and I’m glad it’s a game that personally interests me. I really hope it’ll go the distance, but that’s going to depend on factors far beyond my control. So I’ll enjoy it and see where it goes.

3 thoughts on “My New World launch plans

  1. Interesting that people are hyped for this game. I tried it for some hours in the open beta. The next day i didn’t log in any more, as the thing bored me out of my mind.

    The story in the first few hours felt generic. The text-to-voice of NPCs means that the most dramatically written text felt like it was read by a news speaker telling about changes in tax laws.

    And combat is the small baby-brother of ESO. You have less abilities on your bar and they are tied to your equiped weapon. No mix and match, etc. You can modify them a bit, but the possible changes are comparatively limited. You don’t need to manage resources, your abilities instead have timers, some of them rather long. So a big part of combat is light attack after light attack. With heavy attacks put in when the target blocks.

    Mind you, the tutorial for that was great. The whole freeze motion introduction of combat was awesome and it’s something ESO should copy. It really makes some things much clearer.

    But after the tutorial is done, merely making the first 9 or 10 levels, which in most MMOs are fully of “new and shiny”, many Ohs and Ahs and captivating me, this game bored me, both on the story side and how it is represented, as well as combat.

    I’ll keep an eye on the blog here… perhaps you can communicate why this game could be of any interest. The game itself was not able to communicate that to me within its first several hours.

  2. @Sylow – It was a lot less generic and a lot more immersive in the original alpha, when it was a sandbox/survival game with open PvP, before they re-wrote it as a theme park PvPvE title. That said, I think the revamp makes it much more likely to be commercially successful since they’ve made a good job of converting it.

    I agree it’s quite similar to ESO in some ways but my feeling is that the quests and voice acting in New World is much better (I am not a fan of either in ESO – the very opposite, in fact) and the combat in NEw World is hugely superior (ditto). Making combat feel natural, organic and intuitive is not a small thing and they’ve managed it pretty well. ESO definitely has not.

    For all that, I can’t say I’m at all hyped for the game. I pre-ordered it back in 2019 when I thought it would be more like the alpha and I’m sticking with it but I’d be very surprised if it ends up being a game I play all that much once the novelty of having something fresh to play wears off.

    Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised, though. It always helps to go in with low expectations.

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