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Finding fresh air in Elder Scrolls Online

Lately I feel like I’ve been banging my head against some of LOTRO’s more frustrating content — in particular, War of the Three Peaks — and I needed a break. I don’t like playing MMOs out of obligation, and I was nearing that danger point, so I put everything on hold and jumped into the next game in the queue: Elder Scrolls Online.

It’s been a while since I’ve played ESO regularly (May, I think) and it’s long past time I returned. And it was one of those situations that, once I was there, I couldn’t tell you why I left in the first place. It was that much fun. A breath of fresh air, you might say.

Quickly I slipped back into the scaly skin of my Argonian Warden and bent my will to the task of finishing up the current zone I left off doing — Stonefalls.

Filling out a map in ESO is deeply satisfying to me, especially since it prods me to pick up each and every quest line there is. While there were a few duds, I really enjoyed several of the small chains, including a time travel one, a mystery involving a body snatching demon, and a zombie siege. Good times, and at no point did I find myself hitting a wall or becoming so overwhelmed that I wanted to quit. So that was a nice change.

This is now how I introduce everything I say.

It took me three play sessions to finish the back half of the zone, including all of the delves, skyshards, vantage points, and main questline. I really couldn’t wait to log back in for the next session, and I’m torn over where to go next. I think I’ll head over to Vvardenfell and take on the Morrowind expansion, since I haven’t done it on this character. I would like to get Blackwood for the companions, but my bear tells me that I’m not in any rush at the moment.

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