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It’s a whole New World for MMOs

It’s always surreal when, after waiting and waiting for something, you wake up and it’s the Day Of. That’s exactly how I felt when I rolled out of bed on Tuesday morning and saw my Twitter feed lit up with lots and lots of chatter about New World. It finally clicked in my muzzly head that this is the actual launch day. I had to sit on the toilet for a long time to ponder the importance of that moment.

It’s just been such a long time since we had a brand-new, big-budget MMORPG launch that had the attention of a whole lot of people. That was a capital-E “Event.” And I was there for it, because it felt like the old days when we had two, three, sometimes four of these major MMOs launch in a year. When people would be watching the clock to the minute until it was time to log in and snap up your character name.

It was also weird because I personally was so unprepared. It felt like a lot of people were, too, because I wasn’t alone in last-minute scrambling to settle on a server and a company (guild). I thought I had one from a few days ago, but when I went into the guild’s Discord, it was a whole lot of crude immaturity that signaled that perhaps I should look elsewhere. Frantic late-night and early-morning tweeting later, and a group of us blog and Twitter people decided to join Belghast’s super-casual server on the Minda for the Greysky Expedition company. If you’re looking, here’s the info on it (you can look me up in game as Syppi for an invite):

  • Server: Minda NA East
  • Faction: Syndicate aka Team Purple
  • Company: Greysky Expedition

Another weird layer was the fact that I was both sick and wasn’t going to skip out on a work day just to sit in a queue (the queue would come later, of course). FOMO kicked in that morning as I tried to get work done and shove out of my mind the thought that others were getting in and getting their adventures underway. Patience is never my strong suit on launch days.

While I didn’t get my name of Syp, I was able to snatch Syppi for a character name and made up my Muskateer-in-training. While the character creation options aren’t endless, I felt there was enough of them to have fun making a nice character without having to fiddle with sliders. I may have compared this to my recent journeys in Elder Scrolls Online.

We also had fun in the MOP office watching the Steam charts track the rising concurrency numbers of players + players in the queue. It was insane, and a good sign that MMOs may not be as dead of a genre as some video games media outlets like to claim. All of the servers filled up and over by early morning, and so for a lot of people wanting to play, there wasn’t anything to do other than to join in the conversation outside of the game.

I think it’s a terrific idea to offer free character transfers over the next two weeks, because no doubt it’s going to be messy until everything settles down.

Anyway, that’s all for today — hopefully tomorrow I can report actual play and adventures and all that.

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