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Syp’s gaming goals for October 2021

September 2021 in review

  • This may well be one of the craziest, most shifting gaming months for me in recent history. So what happened is that I ended up burning out on both FFXIV and LOTRO at separate points, and since I was still in a holding pattern for New World, I spend an awful lot of the month bouncing around to different games. So let’s run down it all!
  • In FFXIV, I got through most all of Stormblood’s patch content, bringing me right to the cusp of Shadowbringers before I unsubscribed. I tried, I really did try, to stick with it, but I was not feeling the fun at all here.
  • And in Lord of the Rings Online, I brought my Captain up into Minas Morgul but felt like I was slogging through stuff I didn’t really feel like playing at the moment. Needed a break from this, so a break I had.
  • I spent a week or so in Fallout 76, trying out a new character and the level adjustment system. But that sent me into Bethesda’s sister game, Elder Scrolls Online, where I ended up having way more fun. I finished up Stonefalls and started right in on Vvardenfell with my Warden. Last I checked, she was level 147.
  • I did a week in Guild Wars 2. Wasn’t really ready or interested in coming back to that game. Also put in a sad little week with Runes of Magic. It was OK.
  • I started Pillars of Eternity 2 for the occasional lunch break. Good stuff, but the performance and load screens was slow.
  • And I got in some Star Wars: The Old Republic time with a new Scoundrel named Paya Perki. That was fun.

October 2021 gaming goals

  • I’m expecting — har har — that this will be a more calm and regular month. Primarily, I’ll be focused on getting into New World and getting the lay of the land, build up crafting skills, and get a house. I have no idea for a level goal, so I’m not going to put one here.
  • I also really want to keep on with Elder Scrolls Online. If I could wrap up two or three full zones this month, that’d be fulfilling. I want to get the Blackwood chapter (I have all of the others) and get into that for a review and to snag the companions.
  • Book of Travels is kicking off early access on October 11th, and I figure I’ll be doing some of that for curiosity and columns. Maybe enjoyment too!
  • My single game purchase (I try to keep it to one per month) will be Wildermyth, because it’s high past time I gave this one a look. Seems like this game would make a great blog series.
  • Apart from that, I’ll probably get in some LOTRO. If so, I’d love to get my Captain through Minas Morgul and to level 130.

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