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Elder Scrolls Online: Vvardenfell Vvamping

I find it an encouraging sign of a good gaming decision that even with New World’s, um, newness and all of the FOMO going on, I’m still quite happy to spend an evening with Elder Scrolls Online. Excited to, even.

So I did head back into Morrowind’s Vvardenfell with my Warden. Even though I did it on a previous character, I had enough great experiences here that I wasn’t begrudging the repeat. And besides, I feel like I know how to play and navigate the game better now, and there’s an increased enjoyment when you can play with that sort of confidence.

I still think that Morrowind’s stories are really great stuff. I’m amazed how much variety there is, from a tale of helping an assassin-in-training find her brother to restocking a depleted egg mine with a giant bug. I’ve been working my way clockwise around the island’s volcano, and man is there a whole lot of content here. Some of these quest chains, particularly the aforementioned assassin one, are much longer than usual.

And I had forgotten about the superhero (vigilante) questline! The Scarlet Judge, dum dum DUMMM. Really great stuff.

I did make one change along the way, which was to respec my character from lizard to Breton. It wasn’t that I minded the lizard — I just felt like a change of pace. And look, she’s got a flower in her hair! Awww.

As I’ve been going through Vvardenfell, I took some time to address a growing concern of mine, which was that I was in danger of losing track of what zones I had done, had left to do, and had left to purchase. So I buckled down one evening and made a not-nerdy-at-all spreadsheet, adding a fourth column — archaeology — as well. With this fall’s DLC, I think there’s north of 40 zones in this game, which is a whole lotta story left to uncover!

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