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Is New World a totally chill MMO experience?

Thanks for asking, header! Why yes, yes it is!

I’m very glad that I didn’t place all of my interest and stock into New World last week, because I would’ve been very frustrated with the incredibly long server wait times. Instead, my attitude was that of the seasoned MMO veteran — that is, “This is typical, I’ll play if I can, and if I can’t, there are other worlds than these.”

That said, I did get in a few sessions, and the game ran great for me when I was in there. I really enjoy the North American-ish feel of the starter zone, with its forests and farms and luxurious beachfront condos (read: shipwrecks). It’s a good place to slowly run around, which is fortunate because there’s no faster way to get to where you’re going. Usually.

While New World is getting compared with ESO a lot, I definitely see a whole lot of Secret World in this, too. It’s hard not to get New England flashbacks here, and you can’t tell me that the Corrupted isn’t the Filth 2.0. But New World is its own thing, too, pulling in a lot of other game concepts and fashioning it into a remarkably chill experience.

I think this is the only way you really can engage with New World and not be frustrated. If you’re trying to advance quickly, it’s going to be way more stressful than a typical MMO. I don’t see it designed this way. Instead, you can pick objectives and work on them, gradually leveling up different skills, and smelling the roses along the way. Some of my objectives last week included figuring out how to procure cartridges for my musket, grinding out faction quests for gear, leveling up mining and woodcutting, and learning how to effectively use my rapier in combat.

To that last point, I think I’m getting a whole lot better. It really is more about positioning and timing, and I particularly enjoy using riposte to counter attacks and smack a foe backward.

I’m most eager to hear Amazon speak as to what it’s working on for the future, because while New World is good, it’s got a lot of potential that needs to be tapped — and some glaring issues to be addressed. Probably the weakest part of it, from my early experiences, is the story, which is so vapid that I can’t recall much of anything that’s happened. I feel like a soldier, blindly following the orders that show up in my journal, while thinking of the next time I can go fishing. So I hope we do hear and then see some good improvements on this and other fronts.

2 thoughts on “Is New World a totally chill MMO experience?

  1. I agree with all of that except for the part about the story, which I’m finding both one of the more interesting and certainly better-written I’ve seen in an mmoprg. The main quest is solid but the real meat of the story is in the wealth of papers and documents scattered around the world. Reading those fills out the details of a fascinating, mysterious back-story which once again feels reminiscent of the Secret World. Finding out what happened in Aeternum to make it what it is now is one of my biggest motivations while I’m playing.

  2. I only played this game for about 4 hours in the open beta, then went to bed. The next day, i pondered starting this game. And decided against it, as there was absolutely nothing i’d want to do there.

    This is an absolute first for any MMO i ever played and almost unknown to any other game, too: that i’d not feel the slightest interest in it after just a short session. But really the only positive i took away from it was the introduction to the combat system. The stop frames, waiting for the player to press the right button, then reacting accordingly does a good job.

    After that, it gets a bit thin. Combat feels “meh”. It has a light and heavy attack system, along with block and dodge. And in effect, it feels like ESOs small sibling. No resource management, abilities are all on a timer. And of course, no bash either. The abilities are locked to the weapon, no mix and match like in ESO. No synergies like in old TSW, either. I basically like the limited number of skill slots available, so you have to pick what to bring. But there were only so few options available at all, and those i got in that time were not convincing at all.

    But alas… combat is only one mechanic, and i adopted to different combat systems in many games. I even enjoyed it in a number of MMOs, where people rambled for ages on how it was not “Impactful”, a criteria i up to today could not reproduce. Unless you mean the amnemic special abilities of New World, where you for example do a spin animation, where you stab the enemy (in front of you before you start the spin, behind you when you perform the attack), for a little more damage than a light attack. Which just makes me wonder: why use the abilitiy, if a normal light attack can be performed faster for almost the same effect and does not have a 15 seconds cooldown?

    What really drove me away was the whole “story”, or rather, absence of some. I very much agree with Syp here, it all felt generic “now do this, now do that”, without agenda of my own. The writing was bland. And in the few cases, where the writing rose above spare time writer level, the text-to-voice made sure to get that under control. Any voice actor would have given some of the passages a desperate or depressed tone. But the text-to-voice rather delivers it in “bored newsreader style”. So, why should i care, if the people presenting me their missions don’t care at all?

    All in all, that’s what i think killed it for me: the world and story are defined by the NPCs. (Players don’t genereally know the world yet when the game is new… so, they are not the source to build upon. ) And if those NPC all seem like they don’t care and nothing matters, then there’s plenty of other games around, which rather provide me an interesting world.

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