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What’s coming next for New World?

Progress and adventures in New World have been much slower than anticipated these past two weeks, largely due to a busy schedule, full queues, and juggling multiple games. And you know what? That’s actually totally fine for this game. Probably the worst thing that could’ve happened would be to get so sucked into it that everything else would suffer, and the second worse thing would be if it was a straight-up terrible game.

Instead, I’m having a good time when I do log in, I can slowly pursue various goals, and I don’t feel any urge or pressure to rush. It’s not like we all have to get this MMO finished because there’s a brand-new triple-A big-budget title coming out next week or anything. Sip and savor rather than gulp and then look around while belching and going, “Eh, what’s next?”

One of my big goals was to hit level 15, to be able to equip the first tier of faction gear. I managed to buy a coat with faction currency, and I really wasn’t disappointed with how it looked. Very swanky and cool all around. I also spent an evening figuring out how to get materials and then craft iron cartridges for my musket. Did that, but man, that might be more trouble than it’s worth.

My next goal is to continue to try out all of the different weapons. The rapier looks so amazing, but I’m not going to be so stubborn as to not see what else is out there. Hatchet time, anyone?

Meanwhile, the big question lurking at the back of my head is what is coming next for New World. Right now, Amazon has its hands full weathering this chaotic launch and shoring up various problems — both from people and the game itself. But sooner or later, things will calm down and the studio’s going to need to announce what features and content it’s working for the first big patch (and beyond).

This will be very telling, whenever they reveal this, because it’ll show where the team’s focus is and how it’ll be handling the growth and expansion of the game. As we talked about on the MOP Podcast last week, the general consensus among us is that we would much rather have Amazon focus on features for now, especially ones that are not working that well or are missing entirely. It’s getting a whole lot of feedback now that the game’s gone live, and that’s going to show what’s rising to the occasion and what needs to be fixed or cut.

Here’s hoping, with fingers crossed, that this won’t be a stubborn and prideful studio that is above acknowledging its faults as a novice MMO developer and being willing to go back to the drawing board to figure out the problem areas and the quality-of-life improvements that would make what is right now a good game WAY better.

3 thoughts on “What’s coming next for New World?

  1. The weird thing is, if you look at New World as a piece of art, it’s fine as it is. It doesn’t need anything added, just some bug fixes and maybe a little more polish here and there. I’ve already played for about 60 hours and my character’s only in the high 20s. Clearly I’ll get a couple of hundred hours out of the game just levelliing to 60.

    As with Valheim earlier this year, the value I’ve received for the price is excellent. If these were old-school, standalone games there’d be no question of needing any further development to make them worthwhile purchases. Because one is an mmorpg, though, an the other an online co-op game in Early Access, the developers are obligated to keep on adding and expanding the games indefinitely. Is that actually making them any better, though? I got a couple of hundred hours out of Valheim and that really ought to be enough. If I play New World for a couple of months and have two hundred hours of entertainment, do I really need more?

    I sometimes wonder if we haven’t painted ourselves into a corner with the requirement for perpetual development that comes with online gaming.

  2. I’ve been monkeying around with the game for a week or so now. Since re-spec’ing is cheap, but getting new gear with the right stats for the new spec is hard, I’ve taken to rolling alts on low-pop servers to try out different weapon combos. I even went and looked at the official forums today, and what I’m seeing there bears out what I’ve noticed.

    From levels 1-25 running heavy armor with a great axe in a strength build is the ez-mode way to go. Any ranged weapon as secondary just for pulls, if you like, but it’s not really needed. Just wade in swinging your axe and watch everything melt before you.

    After level 25 though….. You now get gem slots on your weapons which allow you to alter which stats they base their damage on and the flavor of the month so far seems to be the ice gauntlet as primary, with a great-axe gemmed up to use Intelligence as the way to go. “Downgrading” to light armor give a 20% damage bonus to the gauntlet, but it hits pretty hard without that, so that’s optional if you’re doing pve. If doing pvp, keeping the heavy armor is highly suggested though.

    I just didn’t care for the rapier or spear. The fire staff was decent but not outstanding. Musket is *terrible* in the low levels. Haven’t tried the bow. Was happy with the life staff when I thought I wanted to be a healer, but swapped to the fire staff for more punch, and now prefer the ice gauntlet — go figure. Haven’t tried the warhammer either, but plan to one of these days. Sword/Shield was fine, if basic, so….. for me I fell in to using the Great Axe/Ice Gauntlet without seeing that it’s “flavor of the game” right now. I use the light armor for the 20% damage boost though.. lol.

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