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SWTOR: The new adventures of Paya Perki

Right now during the fall, I need new MMOs to play like I need additional holes in my oversized head. It’s been a long time since I’ve juggled more than two games at a time, and now I’m somewhere around five. Which is stupid, I know, but it’s hard to resist that call when you’ve got the hots for a game. I’ve learned a long time ago that it’s fine to give in to those bursts of interest and see where they lead — sometimes they peter out quickly, sometimes they persist and grow into something great.

So I did, for whatever reason, jump back into Star Wars: The Old Republic lately with a brand-new Scoundrel called Paya Perki. I realize that I have a WoW-sized hole in my MMO life, and this is one of my tried-and-true WoW clones that fits that tab-targeting spot.

So with the mindset that this might be a completely disposable character that there’s no way I’ll be able to get her to the new expansion by the time it comes out, I cast off all inhibitions and simply… played. And it was good. Very good.

There’s that period of time when you return to an old favorite MMORPG that you engage in a whole lot of nostalgic reminiscing. A lot of “oh yeah, remember when you used to be totally sucked into this?” Because that’s what was going through my mind in SWTOR as I piloted my sarcastic Scoundrel along through the main storyline. For a good period of time there, SWTOR was my main jam. I loved it for the story and the setting and the limited ability to roleplay within the developer-created boundaries of the plot.

It’s good to see that this is all still there. Not as good to see some of the more annoying F2P restrictions are still lingering about, but hey, whatever, I’m not going to cry about it. I can run around for 20 levels instead of paying for an earlier speeder bike unlock, thank you.

This definitely fits in the area of “comfort gaming” for me, because it’s not overly difficult or frustrating to engage with, nor is it that demanding on my time. If I want to pick it up for an hour here or there, great, it’ll be waiting. I guess I’m keeping my interest in low gear to see the reception to the new expansion and how much of a resurgence SWTOR receives from it. There’s always the option to kick into high gear in the new year!

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