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LOTRO: The bear necessities

Despite an expansion coming out next month in Lord of the Rings Online, I am not having it when it comes to high-level content. I’m not burned out on the MMO so much as burned out on bashing my head against tough content that shouldn’t be this hard for regular landscape questing. But I also didn’t want to stop playing either, which led me back to my trusty Bear on the Treebeard server, who’d been patiently waiting in Lone-lands for me to return.

Again, in my head I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense to invest time into a character that can’t progress very fast and is already far behind the crowd. The Moria unlock is likely coming in December, and I’m only level 30 with four zones done. That’s a big gap unless I’m going to gun it and go for broke, which I don’t have time to do even if I felt the inclination, which I don’t.

Instead, I’m listening more to what I simply want here, which is a casual questing and completionist experience. The Beorning continues to be a great package and quite enjoyable to play, and I never tire of running into a big pack of mobs, spitting bees at them, putting on a self-heal, and then mauling everyone to death. That’s me. That’s the teddy bear I am.

My interest has also been piqued by the fact that my kinship is absolutely tremendous. Even in the middle of the day, there are lots of people on, and they’re super chatty and friendly. It’s amazing how much a great guild can boost your attachment and involvement in the game. The other day, everyone was glowing because we just got a premium kin house, which was decked out fairly well. We all went in for tours, oohing and ahhing appropriately.

So a lowbie bear in Eriador is where you’ll find me — if you’re looking at all.

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