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Nostalgia Lane: SimCity 2000

A lot of my memories of high school were wrapped up in finding people with better computers than I had and playing games on them. I had a neighbor across the street that’d let me use his machine to play all of the flight sims, for example.

During my sophomore year, I’d heard that our chemistry teacher had a computer with Sim City 2000 on it. When I asked him if I could take a look, he gave me carte blanche to come in during my free period any time I wanted. Thus, I spent many short play sessions that year diving into Maxis’ latest metropolitan simulator. I think a whole lot of us were pretty wrapped up in it, and since it had marginal educational value, the school gave a blind eye to our obsession.

I never really did much in the way of engaging with the original Sim City, but 2000? That was a phenomenon. The colorful and detailed graphics — for the time — made this an irresistible bit of eye candy. And the opportunity to shape and fashion your own city was equally fascinating. Of course, we’d always end sessions by triggering disasters, but who didn’t?

While I love sims, I’ve always been horrible at the Sim City games. I go broke so quickly and end up being a slum lord. This happened so often I kind of assumed I’d be that in real life when I grew up, too. But for a “tinkering around” game, Sim City 2000 was a joy even if I was terrible at it.

Did you play? What are your memories of Sim City 2000?

3 thoughts on “Nostalgia Lane: SimCity 2000

  1. At the the time i was a member of youth club and it have a computer lab, 12 or 14 Digital 486 PCs, of course we used them to play Doom, Warcraft, Command & Conquer and of course Simcity 2000, multimedia back then was something new, to hear the music and to have more than 16 colors on the screen was exciting and new.

    The music is stuck in my mind, i can hear it just by thinking about the game 🙂

  2. I loved Simcity 2000 back in middle school, but really only used it with infinite money and just destroying cities with disasters. It wasn’t until the cult-classic Streets of City came out that I really went down the rabbit hole. Being able to import your cities and drive around in them was (and still is, TBH) mind-blowing. I started using the infinite money to craft outlandish cities with huge hills I could use to ramp off of and land in nuclear power plants and so on.

    After a while though, I was spending so much time with the base game that I started getting curious as to how far I could go “normally.” So I did. All these years later I still have a folder with my original save files in them. You know, just in case.

  3. Haha, what Azuriel says there in the beginning. I was never good at actually playing the game correctly. I would just manipulate the tax rates to get the city to spread, but not really get any better. Then I’d stick an airport in the dead center of the city and see how long it would take for a plane to crash and burn the entire thing down. Man that was fun, at least for a little while.

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