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The cozy familiarity of LOTRO’s Haunted Burrow

On top of the craziness that was LOTRO’s Update 30.3 last week and the ensuing flood of Brawlers on every server, the patch also triggered the start of the Fall event. With a new character in dire need of some great cosmetics, I flocked to this really hard.

But there’s another reason I was glad to see the fall festival return, because it once again opened the doors of my favorite Halloween instance in an MMO, the Haunted Burrow. There’s something so special about this place that it feels comfortable and homey, even if it is kind of trying to be a spooky ooky place (from a Hobbit’s perspective).

Because it really does feel cozy, almost more than any MMO house I’ve made. I love the details, the decorations, the secret bookshelf doors, the now-familiar jump scares, the mystery wing, the attic… all of it. The sound design is second-to-none, also, and goes a long way to creating an atmospheric Halloween vibe.

And I can’t complain about the fact that if I’m not in the mood to run a bajillion fall festival quests, I still can come over to the burrow once an hour and grab a handful of free tokens and even some housing decorations. I’m not ashamed to admit that I log my character out in this room, set a timer while I’m doing daily tasks, and get into the habit of logging back in every 60 minutes for more freebies.

So here’s to the Haunted Burrow: One of the best additions to Lord of the Rings Online that the dev team ever fashioned.

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