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Fallen Earth returns! Sort of!

Last week I was stupidly excited to wake up to the news that Fallen Earth — one of my flawed MMO faves — is coming back as a “classic” server while work hopefully continues on a full-fledged restoration.

“I am happy to confirm that Fallen Earth Classic is going to be a real thing,” said Little Orbit’s Matt Scott. “We are now at the very late stages of getting the servers back online, and as some of you on Discord have noticed, parts of the game are responding again.”

Now, as much as I want to jump into my hype rocket and blast off, excitement may be both premature and overblown. So far, this is reactivating some of the old patched-up servers for free to tide players over for the (presumably) long wait to a true revamped version. We don’t quite know how this will function. And it probably will be, as Fallen Earth often was, a very niche-of-the-niche experience.

Still, I can’t wait to see this happen because Fallen Earth is the textbook definition of a flawed gem. So many flaws. So many. Yet it was an incredible game that delivered a singular experience with a melding of an apocalyptic wasteland, black humor, intricate crafting, six bizarre factions, and mutated critters out the wazoo.

So yeah, I totally am there for Day One. Even if a character on this server wouldn’t be able to have its progress ported over to the revamped game (if/when that happens), I’d still love to jump back in, explore, and do a modern blog series on it. I vividly remember how I felt two years ago when I logged in for the last day and felt that wistful twinge that told me how much I’d really want to come back to this. If I get a second chance, I’m not going to waste it.

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