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Star Trek Online: Exam season

Every prolific gaming blogger out there knows all too well how your drafts folder can fill up with half-started posts that, for whatever reason, get abandoned or neglected. While I was cleaning out mine the other day — taking it from 84 posts down to about 20 or so that I actually intend to finish — I noticed this Star Trek Online post sitting in drafts from back in February.

I guess I was playing through some of the Discovery-related content, took a whole bunch of interesting screenshots, and then totally forgot to write up descriptions and post it. So instead of abandoning it, I am dusting it off and posting it today — even without personal context.

Context needed for this screenshot, obviously. I like to think that this is the start of a new Breakfast Club.

Choices! I like choices in a game. Wish we got more of these.

Sparkly action scene with short shorts. Starfleet standard attire.

Dang, Star Trek Online gets bloody at times…

…and creepy, too.

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